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Ne Jatha Leka Platinum Disc

 Your jataleka 'platinum disc celebration Nagasaurya, Parul, Sarayu hero and the heroine of the submission of the Sri Satya vidura ogirala Vemuri Nageswara Movies banner rupondutonna film nijataleka. Swaraj had a good response to the music and songs of the film citrayunit platinum disc celebration held in Hyderabad on Wednesday. This program ... Jivicaudari producer said, '' the first image of our banner. Happy songs out there is a good response. The film was very well. The success of the film will also feel better audio lines. Swaraj very good music. Support of the cast, teknisiyansku Thanksgiving, "he said. Goud producer Nagaraj said, 'Swaraj sadhicadam was happy with the success of good songs. Well based film director Lawrence Rao. Patalulagane film is also appeals to everyone, "he said. Rao, director of the Lawrence said: "The producers gave me the opportunity for me to be confident in Chaudhary, Nagaraj gaudgariki Thanksgiving. Swaraj is my story, as appropriate, as well as good music. Nagasaurya, Parul, Sarayu was nicely Act. We expect the same to be a big success of the film, "he said. Each Ramakrishna Goud said, 'Film songs are good. The film is expected to receive the same reception tomorrow, '' he said. Speaking nagasaurya 'svarajgaru offer good music, good cinematography bujjigaru provided. Hyapiga labhinanduku is very popular film songs. As well as the success of the film is also expected to be tomorrow. Lawrence dasarigaru Well, is the director of the film, "he said. Sayivenkat this program, tummalapalli ramasatyanarayana, the heroine of the Sarayu, cinematographer Bujji were present. Members of the unit were given platinum discs.

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