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Vaishakham Hero Hariesh Birthday Press Meet

 `Vaisakham hero Harish Birthday presmit  "Cantigadu ',' gundammagari grandson ',' Lovely 'hit films like Jaya B tarvataledi director. Directed 'superhit' chief bieraju, RJ Cinemas banner movie 'vaisakham. Harish, Avantikā Dialogue King Sai Kumar starrer film, playing a special role. The film is currently in the final stage of citrakarana. The Chitra Hero Harish birthday today. On this occasion, a press conference on Wednesday, formed citrayunit ..... Director B Jaya. Said - '' Hero Harish Performer very natural. During this period, I have not seen such a natural performer. I was very happy to introduce such a Hero in the Telugu industry. Sentiment, emotions are all well comedian actor. Senior actors starred together equally. For me this film, as well as the most imminent movie kastapettina film. Entertainment besdmuvi. Support each have an artist as well. Taking a broad audience, appealing to all sides with a new storyline, "vaisakham, director of the film is a challenge for me. In addition to starring in all kyarektarsku Importance vunnacitramidi said. Bieraju producer said - '' Youth, Families taking a particularly impressive with the 'vaisakham' guarantee in 2016, and hit a super dupar. In the film, all of which were super. In any case, the story does full justice to the high budget without Compromise 'vaisakham' is being picturized. To foster good images for the audience to be 'vaisakham "like better. Our R.J. Cinemas banner 'Lovely', which will be a bigger hit than the 'vaisakham. August, the schedules of the film will be completed in September. Harish our banner is his second film as hero. Sayikumargaru the film appears to be very crucial role. Each one artist, Technician have better support. Camera subbaravugaru new technology, is the movie, "he said. Venkatasubbaravu valisetti cinematographer said, "The film is very well. We are making small errors that we menej jayagaru unit leading from the front. Upayogistunnam the film Spider-cam. Development of the first two films in Hollywood and used to do it in a way that is quite're in the movie. Love, romance, emotions, said kalisinde vaisakham said. Harish said the hero, '' happy birthday celebration with this unit. I do not have any background Jaya Madam, the King was Hero. I am happy to say that I am in the second movie of the same banner, '' he said. Kasivisvanath this event, shaved Sudarshan, Zabardast SESHU, Appa Rao, bhadram, music director Vasant and others were present. This meeting was also the hero of the birthday cake cutting.  Isvariravu, ramaprabha, Prithvi, Kashi Vishwanath, krsnabhagavan, Lakshmi, Gundu Sudarshan, save, anise, Phani, Madhavi, Jenny, Zabardast Team Venkatesh, director, Ram Prasad, Prasad, Teja, latis, srtinayudu, Kalyani, Kumari, Monica, Chandni, isani others play an important role. Diopi .: valisetti venkatasubbaravu, music, dijevasant, Dance: vijesekhar, Art: Murali Kondeti, stills, Seenu, Co-Director: amaraneni Naresh, Production Executive: Subbarao, Line Producer: bisivakumar, producer: bieraju, writing, directing, Jaya b.

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