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Jakkana Movie Release Date

 On July 29, the world Sunil 'jakkanna' release   Sunil's, Mannar Chopra heroine, after premakathacitram arpiekriyesans rupondutonna as No. 2 on the banner of the production of the film 'jakkanna shooting karkakramalu purticesukundiippatike jarugutunnayiitivale rapidly postprodaksan programs related to the audio of the film was released by the Megastar Chiranjeevi's audio super is proud to be a hit. Dhiyotrikal trailer got good response. Back to Trend in Entertainment said Sunil as a substantial social media craze of the movie to tell. There are a lot of punch dialogues in the film. Akella capping film director Vamsi Krishna Reddy directed arsudarsan built in the grand picture. Dinesh music director. It is planned to release on July 29 to complete all of the programs it '.  ...... Arsudarsan producer Sunil Reddy family-law energetic entertainer who plays the good image of our jakkanna. Sunil's comedy timing will be presented to the director Vamsi's klaps in dhiyotars to the scene. Mr. Dinesh full energy are also provided, as well as audio. As the social media trend that Sunil Back Entertainment is very hyapiga. Our film is all is all. Extremely impressed, especially the title song of the mass audience. Vamsi Krishna akella our director, is the new point Entertaining. Our banner image after image of love coming from all sections of the audience, the jakkanna impressive. Ettiparisdhitilo'll preparations to release our film on July 29, he said.  Cast Sunil, Mannar Chopra, Kabir Singh, Saptagiri, Prithvi, posani, Nagineedu, Rajya Lakshmi, Prabhas Seenu, movie Seenu, Adhurs Raghu, Satya Prakash, Raja Ravindra, Uday, Anand Raj, the truth, towards Harsh, Venugopal, Rajshri Nair and others  Technical Category Banner - no creations or P Cinematography: siramprasad, Music: Dinesh, Art Director - Murali, Fights: Kanal .In contrast, the Dragon Prakash, Editor: emarvarma, Dialogues: Bhavani Prasad, Stills - Vasu Public relations officer - Eluru SRINU Co-Producers: Ayush Reddy, Akshit Reddy, Producer: arsudarsan Reddy, Story, Screenplay, Direction: Krishna akella.

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