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Virinchi Hospitals v-Connect App Launched

 Shanti was worried about her9 year old son’s persistent vomiting,shortly after he came back from the evening games. It was around 11:00 pm and the child was not getting any better. Exhausted after home remedies, she had only two choices – rush to the ‘nearest nursing home’s emergency care, if it was open,or call a friend whose uncle knows aphysician at a private hospital. 
But she chose the third option…
Welcome to v-Connect, the Mobile Health Care APP of Virinchi.
A Facetime with 24X7 available doctors; a Drop box with all your medical records, A Uber to find and track your nearest ambulance, a WebMD for all your Medical reading, a 108Number to report anemergency; In the security of a HIPAA compliant, SSL protected solution; in the convenience of a single app on a mobile phone; and with the backing of a 600-bed state-of-the-art hospital, the traditional brick and mortar way…
Virinchi Ltd is launching the first-of-its-kind Enterprise Healthcare App – vConnect that integrates all patient touch points to their healthcare on a secure mobile environment. An aggregation of 45 patient apps delivers a first-of-its-kind patient experience to access all healthcare services with a single secure identity. 
VConnect was conceived to provide the hospital mobility solutions with the backing of a state-of-the-art technology enabled hospital- to not just request an ambulance, but also provide Health Security of an actual hospital infrastructure to deliver the services.
VConnect aggregates not only the hospital records, but also allows the patients to scan and upload all their past records in an encrypted format available to share with their preferred Health care providers or clinicians. VConnect allows the patient to find an online consultant 24X7 and take a video consultation while all thepatient’s past medical records being accessible to the doctors on the Video Call. 
VConnect is soon going to be available for all patients as well as all doctorsin addition to those from Virinchi and its affiliate hospitals, - a true Mobile solution for Healthcare delivery!
The registrations for the app opened immediately after the app launched by Honorable Health Minister Sri C. Laxma Reddy Garu on July 15th 2016, The solution is being simultaneously launched for the patients and doctors both in India and in the US.
A Globally first-of-its-kind integrated mobility solution for all patients, with a physical hospital supporting all its services, shall transform the way healthcare is delivered both in terms of access to care as well as information– thereby opening a wide promising field of personalized healthcare delivery using mobile as the medium.
ShantiVideo-Called the pediatrician – 24 x 7 online – at v-Connect. On a quick video conversation, the doctor pulled out the past lab reports of the child available from his last bout of malaria, on the app on the doctor’s mobile. Symptomatically, the child was dehydrated and exhausted but did not need admission. The doctor ordered medications online –forwarded simultaneously to the nearest open pharmacy - together with verbal instructions for a home Oral Rehydration Solution. Virinchi Call center showed Shanti how to request and track the ambulance on the mobile app if the situation does not improve during the night.Shantiused the app to book an appointment for next morning to examine the patient at the Hospital OPD.
A traumatic night shuttling across the city was averted. She logged into Connected Healthcare.
About Virinchi Hospitals
Virinchi Hospitals is a 600-bed super-specialty hospital at Banjara Hills, Road no. 1. The Hospital has been established with a focus on CONNECT specialties - an acronym for Cardiac, Ortho, Nephro, Neuro, Emergency, Cancer and Transplantation. Virinchi believes in the concept of ‘Right to Science’ and endeavours to make available evidence based latest advancements in medicine and therapy to all deserving patients.

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