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Pakka Plan Teaser Launched

 `Tailor the plan to launch the teaser!  CH Nageesh produced under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Cine Pictures presentation eviphanisvar Baby Divya Priya (hurricane) the direction of the film `pakkaplan. Subhash, Nageesh, Bhavani, the princess cast in the lead roles Chitra Prasad Labs teaser launch took place in the day. Prasanna Kumar, who arrived at the main guests of the event, was the discovery of the teaser midulaga tummalapalli the hands of Rama Satyanarayana. Prasanna Kumar said ... `horror films after playing so well right now. This time with the title of a horror film like `pakkaplan building a good plan. Just as the title, teaser is also very different. If you are new content can be put on the hit movie images have shown a lot of recently. As well as being a new team korakuntunnaannaru phalincalani this effort. Ramasatyanarayana tummalapalli said ... 'in the title, teaser, both of which are causing a lot of Curiosity. Prem composed the background music is impressive. Teaser of what would be in the director's talent. All the best to everyone in the team, he said.  Prem elem ... the music director Ram Gopal varmagari `I worked in the past. One day the director of the Chitra was neret story of the film. After several days brought much of the film, the film poyalannaru your background music to life. The background music of the film was skopunna are loved. Or did.  Director eviphanisvar (hurricane) ... `with a new point of horror, suspense, thriller film terakekkincamu this picture. Pakkaplan our producer, this film is on schedule with our team for all the hard work, were able to be expected. Even the most experienced actors in the cast, featuring all new varainappatiki. The music for the film, said that Prem pattu longevity.  Producer, hero ... the `CH Nageesh anukunnattuga our director was thinking of the Golden Hurricane. It is very comfortable to work with such a team. Jarugutondani to tailor the plan to release the film soon to be completed, said sensor.  Actor, co-director of any. Yes. Rao, the film has been ... `with proper planning. Prem's music highlights. Our director of talent you understand what is already seen in the teaser. Asistunna so our team is going to bless everyone. Subhash has not yet participated in the program, expressed happiness about the possibility of nagarupa.  Subhash, Nageesh, nagarupa, bus Raj, Bhavani, the princess, and others are in the cast of this film sangitamh eyasravu Prem elem, kemerah lucky, editarh sartaj, nirmatah Nageesh CH, story-matalu free-darsakatvamh any screen. viphanisvar (hurricane)

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