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Swadesh Group Biggest Venture in AP and TS

 Telugu Chitra parisramabhivrddhiki 1000 crore in the domestic Group Revolving Fund   Chitra Telugu film industry, the development of the domestic group pushed their turn to provide help and support. 1,000 crore Telugu Chitra revolving fund will be set up for the development of the industry in the domestic Group Project Director moturi Krishna Prasad said. At a press conference in Hyderabad, the future activities of the group in their homeland, he said on this occasion.   Speaking on the occasion ... Telugu Chitra industry ... many films released in theaters without agipotunnayi Besides the issue. In order to meet this problem, the Telangana, Andhra Pradesh is produced plans to build nearly 1,000 theaters. There is a theater in every 7800 people in the United States. China has 40,000 people in a theater. 98000 is going to be the same as the population of our country is not only a theater. Therefore, to overcome the problem of the theater, a theater that mincenduku 20 to 30 thousand population planning. As well as the poor condition of many theaters or technical updates failed, godauns to bear the costs of maintenance, such as changing marriage halls. So through the process of high-technology're designed theaters. It is also related to the acquisition. Purchase or lease of land directly, or through the acquisition of the land are sharing. As well as the home of two theaters in shopping malls, home of Super Bazar, health care center. In this super bazaar to sell vegetables, nityavavarasa goods are being sold and bought directly from farmers. Pettanunnam almost 10,000 billion at the entire project. In addition, the International Film Trade Center, the International Film kanvesan also nirmincanunnam center. ... In addition to the functions related to movies, where managing several private initiatives. Film Trade Center, the movie business can cordial atmosphere. In addition to the 24 branches of the passage of the Indian Institute of Media and Films Training Institute is set up. The Institute is likely to outperform the Pune Film Institute. Protsahincabotunnam movie enthusiasts who are looking for opportunities to wait. Since launching the release of a film to be self-responsible for the planning. Built to accommodate the tastes of the target audience mundukeltunnam good images. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh state governments in collaboration with the progress of this project tisukeltunnam. Dasari Narayana Rao in Telugu industry as well as Chitra, Raghavendra Rao, Tammareddy adults as an advisory committee will be set up. Chitra industry reputation, especially in Telugu, CAP strives Group is working in the home to make it more universal. More details can be found through www.swadeshbank.com. He said.   The rajesvararavu, ejiem, Swadesh Group .... the only festival in the cases of large images are being released. The small images without the possibility of release. Batikincenduku small pictures of the situation in the domestic set up in malls, movie theaters are used. As well as other essential items through the domestic Super bajars influences will be issued free coupons. Through which it is possible to view films Pre. He said.   Manoj also participated in this event vasireddi Swadesh Group Technical Director.

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