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Sri Divya Interview on Rayudu

 "Inspiration is all character app I've rayudulo - The heroine sridivya Sridivya startcesi career as a child actress in the name of a good actress, "Manasa", "bus", "jasmine on the sirimallepuvvu ',' kerinta 'heroine starred in hit films such as heroine just four citralatone in the name of the successful Telugu girl sridivya mold. Unlike many superhit films in Telugu star, a heroine in Tamil also established. Sridivya mass hero heroine recently starred opposite Vishal. The film was released on May 27, heavily wonderful opening. Hari Venkateswara Pictures presentation directed by Vishal Muttiah banner 'Rayudu' image provided by the leading distributor jihari Telugu audience. On May 20, was a superhit in Tamil rilijaina to become the biggest opener of the image, rather than making a record collection. The heroine of the interview sridivyato. "Rayudu, no response to the film coming? - Comes a very good response. The film already became a big hit in Tamil. Ten years after the release of the biggest opener visalgari career to become a superhit yunanimasga talk rather than being run successfully. Devi is located in Chennai capacity of 2,000 spectators at the first three days were filled with Housefull. So it seems that the film determine a range hit. Applause is coming specially to your kyarektarki? - This app character did in the film. My character is very rough and taphga. If the wrong bihev lagipetti Villains will come. In short guys is my character. Phasttaim Girl was in the village. Importance of the heroine films do not have much kyarektarski ippudostunna. This is the app I've done a lot of character and bold, be strong. My character rather than the women's characters in the film are all very powerful. In particular app should be the same as the character inspired by the ammayilandaru is ayyevidhanga. Visalgariki given such a character, the director Muttiah garu, my thanks Hari garu. How was it to work with the Vishal? - Visalgari 'he man' I've done it. The film looks at the very edcesanu visalgari Performance. As well have been parpham. He wanted to come to the definite award. But it did not come. Visalgarito to the Act was a memorable experience. The film has no fear when he first untaronani. So much fun with everyone on the set, making the move to close. Kamphartbulga philayyanu to work with him. I learned many things in the film. Hyumanbiying visalgaru good. Is a great service to the community nadigar. Rajapalyanlo built, as well as toilets. I also have some help. Where injustice, disaster will happen very fast visalgaru earlier. Muttiah's about taking the director? - Male, kevisvanadh muttayyagari film's images are also very natural, are realistic. And show how they act and how artistulandariki muttayyagaru. Also, I have tried to follow him. What is more Tamil films. Did not get what language problem? - First from the Tamil language, which means a lot of interest in me. Tamil movies Tamil language learned very quickly due to the slow. I'd say the film dubbed in English. Complete now speak Tamil. What are the main reasons hitki this film? - Grandmother - grandson of the sentimental, emotional drama was connected to everyone. Also in the film is that each of the Importance of kyarektarki. All have excellent Performance. Lilagaru Malayali actress who plays the character was great, especially the grandmother. Imamgari music, velrajgari photography, taking muttayyagari, visalgari Performance of the film's main asset was the hitki. The producer of two films banner Hari? - Harigaru distributor and producer, but also to take care of a lot of perfect planning, "Rayudu 'film was a proper release. The producer of Good Taste. Publicity, promotion of the film is nowhere to be straightened without Compromise "Rayudu 'film was a huge release. Harigari banner is quite happy to make this film. Are more likely to act in Tamil alone. Would do it in English? - Act in English will be sure to get good roles. "Kerinta 'came after the gap. Offers are good in Tamil. Continue doing the films. English is for me to do. I will be sure to get good offers. "Rayuduto Telugu audience is very happy being near. What are the next projects? - Karthi, sick, starring and directed by Gokul 'kasmora "I am the image. It was a different picture. Playing a role in this film. As well as the life of a film with that Act. Plus how much of the music for this film was the Imam? - Imamgarito This is my fifth film. Lakkiga feeling to work with him. Ilayaraja's because the songs are so melodious hamcesela. All the songs in the film have been hit. "Kelikera the heart of one of the inert flesh," like a lot of ch. What will be given preference before you commit to a movie? - Importance will first director. I will decide after the hearing that story. Importance should be, as well as a lot of my kyarektarki. Importance of all the films I've done so far have located sridivya he ended the interview.

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