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Ekkadiki Potavu Chinnavada First Look Launched

 Nikhal, viaianand, Meghna Arts combinations of the film 'Where potavu young'  Svamirara, Kartikeya, the different themes, such as the sun and the sun vs superhit films in a series of articles on the latest trend in Tollywood hero Nikhil yangenarjitik changed, 21F, such as the superhit film, which is owned by the youth craze in hebapatel, Tamil attakatti, mundasipatti, edhir nical from such films as heroine saksasphul Tiger like a combination of Nandita sveta emesanal viaianand superhit film director who directed the construction of the Meghna Meghna Arts of Love Story is being dhipharent in Arts banner. Potavu where the film has already completed 80% of the young boys of the title have been finalized. Pre teaser poster has already had a huge response. On June 1, the first look of the film as the hero Nikhil birthday sandharbam being released.  Speaking as the sandharbam .. Nikhil's in our Meghna Arts banner, hebapatel, Nandita combination of white somewhere in the building, rather than compromised by the title of the film, where potavu young to have been finalized. 80% of the shooting has already been completed. As the new think our director Anand. He's Tiger image akattukundi all sections of the audience. This image is also popular with our Promoted everyone. Our hero is very selective Nikhil will be offered as a new image, as well as our new director Anand is also. Viriddhari a combination of the two to make something entertaining siddhahastule been the trend when expectations of the audience who wish to receive any kind of image to be ranundo. We have also made a pre-release teaser poster Recently, the media and the web, as well as engaging in social media, viral, becoming all to make phone calls for the first look of our film, which tells of the craze. On June 1, the first look of the hero Nikhil Birthday sandharbam are released. Terakekkistunnamu with a very different love story. A teaser soon, soon to be launched in audio and picture Chandra Shekhar agastu preparations are released in the factory. Said that  Nikhil, hebapatel, Nandita white (contact), Vennela Kishore, Tanikella Bharani, truth, drunkard Ramesh, Josh Ravi, towards Harsh, Sudarshan, bhadram, they pretended extraordinary Srinivas, etc. ..  Patala Ramajogayya sastri, Mrs., RAMANJANEYULU art,  Cotakeprasad Editor, Music-Sekhar Chandra, Matalu Abburi Ravi Diopi Sai Sriram, Meghna nirmata Arts  Story, screenplay, dairaktar viaianand,

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