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Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo Shooting in Turkey

 Turkey Naga, Gautham Menon's 'adventure Continue breathing' song Yuvasamrat movie, The Descent director Gautham Vasudeva Menon came to the combination of 'Where is it? "A blockbuster, was an account of the well-known film. Again this is another hit by the combination of a variety of drama, adventure and Continue breathing. Famous author Gautham Vasudeva Menon and directed by Kona Venkat presentation Dwarka Creations banner miryala ravindarreddi Oscar winner for the film produced by A. R. Rahman is composing the music. 'Where is it?' Gautham Menon, who introduced the film by Samantha 'adventure Continue breathing "is to introduce the film as a heroine by the manjima Mohan. The film is a romantic song was shot recently in Turkey for 5 days. The climax of the filming will take place from April 16 to 20. The total shooting is complete. Audio in the last week of April, is planning to release the film in the last week of May. The Chitra producer, writer Kona Venkat said - '' movie, Gautham Menon, A. R. Rahman came to the combination of 'Where is it? "Was the hit musical sensation. The combination again, the "Continue breathing adventure film also adiyoparanga can get a good name. YouTube recently released 'ellipomake left edane pomake .. ... "Creating a buzz with a 30 million views,' 'he said. Yuvasamrat the movie - '' Where is the image I have established him as a romantic hero. "Continue to breathe adventure 'is a romantic film in the first half. As the second half of the action content to give audiences a special treat. Kyarektarki this movie viewers will be able to connect well. Another poetic combination of Gautam minangari ask everyone, as the title of the film is coming. 'Where is it?' Beautiful music in the film is the second film, which is provided by the earrehamangarito. The film also has excellent music. There have been so many great songs, "he said. Miryala ravindarreddi producer said - '' You Tube views recorded in the 'ellipomake left edane pomake .. ... "the song was filmed recently in Turkey beautiful locations, 5 days. From April 16 to 20 to shoot the climax of the film takes place. The total in the shooting of the film will be complete. Audio release last week of April and are planning to release the movie in the last week of May, "he said. Director Gautham Vasudeva Menon said - '' Where is it? 'Doing movie after movie, which is a different movie. In this movie the look of the picture is very different. Movie will see the excellent performance in the film. Rehamangaru songs for the film were excellent. Another hit movie musical, which is the combination of our trio, "he said. Yuvasamrat movie, manjima Mohan starrer Music by A. R. Rahman, cinematography: danmak Arthur, editing by Anthony, art, rajivan, fights, Silva, writing, submission, Kona Venkat, Producer: miryala ravindarreddi, story, screenplay, directed by: Gautham Vasudeva Menon.

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