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Ramya Sri Interview on O Malli

 The actress also has a similar character - ramyasri Leading ramyasri posing directed film 'omalli. Tainments areentair this image as a banner. On April 15, the eve of the release of the film ... Ramya Sri avutundii Speaking about peculiarities of his film, 'In the tenth grade, I saw an event. That incident stuck in my mind. Many of the problems facing women in today's society. The incident came to my mind that I want to put them on film. Made into a script. Message, as a film, is commercial. Producing the one hand, I've directed. Cast. Worked very hard. However, the output was much better. They have seen the film say it is very consistent. What can be done to roll over a similar challenge for any actress. Some personal reasons at the time of release, after the release of the film in theaters was delayed due to a problem. Wait a few days, however, when the film was released in theaters hundred. The film in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages ​​will be released. The next three films are ready, "he said. .

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