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Madha Gaja Raja Audio Launched

  Richly "madagajaraja" audio launch! In the past, "the District", translated in English as the super hit film production company in Sri obulesvara Telugu audience with the latest movie, "madagajaraja". Gemini Film Circuit presents tamatam Kumar Reddy is producing the film. Somasekhar Reddy is the producer of the film, including a cash injection of a mass hero Vishal though, starring opposite Sarath Kumar and actresses starring Anjali. Vijay Antony's music led by a "madagajaraja" Taj Deccan in Hyderabad audio ceremony held in the hotel, was organized in the presence of many film celebrities. Vishal Chitra protagonist of this event, though, one of the heroines, Sarath Kumar, director sundarsi, music director Vijay Antony, leading producers eemratnam, Gemini Kiran, tummalapalli ramasatyanarayana and Chitra producer tamatam Kumar Reddy, Reddy took part in a co-producer somasekhar cash injection. "Madagajaraja" audio Chitra katanayakanayikalaina director Vishal-though introduced .. sundarsi received the first copy. Speaking on the occasion, Chitra actor Vishal .. "In my career, which is a very special film. Karanantarala release the little matter of the present trend, however, to be no less than .. the way conversations are sequences. Action, as well as romance, comedy, film parts kalisina. Sundarsi-in-law of the the film was shot in the Telugu audience exponentially alaristundanna belief, "he said. Sundarsi Chitra director said .. "I already directed all sinimalakante" madagajaraja "very special to me. Talk to talk about the film, how many hours. The film with Vishal and his comedy timing, with the action of the audience has to believe akattukuntadanna. Telugu audience for this film will enjoy better, "he said. Chitra producer tamatam Kumar Reddy., "Our" obulesvara productions "Telugu audience before the" district "rather than" madagajaraja "big wins. This is a picture of Vishal Rao, greatly contributed to translate in English. The Gemini Kiran Rao also have a lot of support. Soon, this picture Telugu audiences bring forward, "he said. Music director Vijay Antony said .. "Vishal, a good friend of my films before. I have broad musical darsakudni said to be the first." Madagajaraja "a song with Vishal run in. Very noisy song. The song stands out as the highlight of the audio," he said. "Madagajaraja" in the hearts of the audience in the position of the image of the heroine in Telugu sampadincukontananna that belief, his character in the film, be sure to excite the audience, Sarath Kumar said that though the heroine. The audio event attended by important guests eemratnam, Gemini Kiran and tummalapalli ramasatyanarayanalu "madagajaraja" ,, successful film producer tamatam Chitra Kumar Reddy wanted to make a good name, has brought huge profits!


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