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Gautamiputra Satakarni Launch -NBK 100

  Balakrishna kesiar hundredth film in the presence of siem gautamiputra start satakarni    Balakrishna kesiar hundredth film in the presence of siem gautamiputra start satakarni  Balakrishna hundredth film was held in the presence of kesiar siem gautamiputra satakarni Annapurna Studios. ... The first frame of the film to be directed by Chris Entertainments banner presentation vairajiv Bibo Srinivas Reddy are jointly producing jagarlamudi sayibabu. Balakrishna muhurtapu shot onto the scene as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has svichan kesiar clap ivvagamegastar Chiranjeevi. Venkatesh to operate the camera, while the honorary first shot was directed by Dasari.  Speaking on the occasion, siem kesiar ... Balakrishna hundredth of a great decision in choosing the plot of the film, gautamiputra satakarni. The film itself is not a small thing. It is the story of an emperor sakaniki unleashed Telugu. Telugu people to keep the long story of this film is very happy. I was a bit older, so at the age of balakrsnaku divenelu providing my blessings. Balakrishna's 100th film plays gautamiputra satakarni 200 days. Telugu people to see the film to know our history. Telugu people in the state of Andhra Pradesh is one of the so-called madrasi teliyaceppi that brought in respect of NTR Telugu. The statue of Ambedkar in Hyderabad are disputed by some. The occasion for that, and that is the bullet in Hyderabad ghut cirasdhayiga. NTR is a generation actor. Two Telugu states, they are not the bullet. Their hearts are always NTR Telugu. The film would cirasdhayiga. After completing the film scene, Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh and other film celebrities, along with Balakrishna would allow his family to see the film, he said.  Megastar Chiranjeevi said ... What is the most cherished movie for the hundredth film. Gautamiputra satakarni selecting a first success story. Unprecedented in the recent history of the film is suppressed. Chris is the director of the film, which means that the success of the director Chris tathyamcaritratmaka imidipoyi .At my abhiprayampatralo Balakrishna entertaining stories, such as there is no doubt charm sparkles. Nowadays there are more than one hundred days, playing into space is not the Golden Jubilee Silver Jubilee this gautamiputra satakarni going to want to play.  Victory Venkatesh ... gautamiputra satakarni film played in theaters for 100 days, not 200 days, in 1000, he said.  ... The recent hundredth Dasari Narayana Rao was the first Telugu film, choosing to tell the story of the emperor, this can be proud. It is the story of the Emperor who has thirty-three. We cesukuntam Ugadi chutney. Ugadi is the beginning of the gautamiputra satakarnitone. Chris ravadambalayya accepting the idea of ​​the film to the Telugu ethnic pride thing. Despite the recent odigipoye the role of any character in the history of this film is going to want to Manasa.  Balakrishna said ... I have heard many stories for the hundredth film. Some of them liked the stories. Some do not. Like it or not up to the level of some of the stories for the hundredth film. NTR's father was desperate for the novelty of many diverse roles. I also play a role, like the father of the new tapistundevadini. Tapane that propels me forward. I agree with Chris, told the story of the film appropriate for the level of the hundredth. Most people do not know about satakarni gautamiputra. To establish the capital of Telangana and ruled kotilingalulo born in Amravati. Internationally, we are not about the emperor is our Telugu Telugu states. Just when Dad nartanasala film studies, film cesaroala for this movie is a lot of research and work as a script. In 1973, my father is quite common nudita career. Despite occasional failures, even move my little finger. Many parents punyaphalam natincanante satadinotsava films. Telugu people's favorite strength. This picture is dedicated to my fans in India will give mothers. Chechen fighter in our world remains to be seen. I'm in this movie. Lenivadiki ambition is not worth it. Not the man who can not be charged. My life is the same. Gautamiputra satakarni life is the same as it was reported recently by reading books. He was a very close resemblance to me. Those forward premincukuntu himself dictator whom the curators said. The film Submission - Bibo Srinivas Rao, co-wrote - bhupatiraja, words - sayimadhav Burra, songs - Sirivennela Karthik, production designer bhupes arbhupati, stills - Jeevan Reddy, diopi - jnanasekhar VS, Fights - Ram Lakshman, Dance - choral, editing - Suraj, Music - devisriprasad, executive producer - kommineni Venkateswara Rao, producers - Y. Rajeev Reddy, jagarlamudi sayibabu, writing - by - jagarlamudi Radhakrishna (Krish)

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