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O Malli Release Date Confirmed

 'O Malli Movie Release Date Fix! R.A. Entertainment presentation starring in the lead role .. ramyasri biprasant produced and directed the film "O again. All of the events of the film is complete and ready for release on March 18. Set up a press conference on the occasion .. Sri Ramya said .. '' story on the similarity of two years fighting for this movie'm lonely. Today the film is four fights, six songs, two romantic scenes. But our film is not so. To select a different concept in the film had to be very natural. We are planning to release the film on March 18. Mayamaipotunnayi relations of the society. The film is based on a large tripod bonds. Amayakurali have a life in the film. The story takes place in the backdrop of the Tribal. Love, husband wife relationship is shown in the film. Telugu industry has so far not received such a film. The problem has been met, but the theater is going to suffer the sensor well. I hope the audience adaristarani. After another three projects will star in the film, '' he said. Music: Sunil Kashyap, bieskrsnamurti, editing vinagireddi, cinematography: kedattu, Dance: disures, Producer: biprasant, story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: biramyasri.

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