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Dasari Narayana Rao appreciates Oopiri film

 "Breath" of risk, such as Nagarjuna to a different movie, slipped to PVP Guts                                                            Darsaka Ratna Narayan dadasari Telugu and Tamil languages, the March 25 release of 'Breathe', the film was a super hit dupar. Recently seen in the film darsakaratna dadasari Narayana 'breathe' Speaking about the film, 'I saw the film breathe. Thanks a lot. Loved my manusuku. Telugu cinema to breathe new movies added to tistunnamani. After the movie, I do not like sweet in its entirety. In this decade, making this a good, Per pharmens, that the real meaning of the film in a different breath. No one agreed with me, no one has disagreed, in English, such as film-making effort. Sing songs, dancing, running, a Hero who fights kurcopetti film tiyadamanedi great thing for two hours in the chair. Actor must act in the face. Witnesses say that in the eyes of the image appeared in the movie. Karthi has been in the past, as well as the images are in the vein of his action. If his performance in the film, however, how well the cesadonanipincindi breath. Director vansipaidipalli reason. Director appearances in each frame. Each character has great mauld. Good treatment, not somewhere in the Melo drama, in terms of the character in the story is not anything more than a comedy. As well as different Taman see this movie. Anushka Merino small roles, Shreya cast are also excellent. It is the Directors of Total Film. Similar to the subject, admitting, Nagarjuna to adventure. Pharmens fer was excellent. The main reason for all these Guts of PVP. I know not by any except for PVP. Not be able to adventure. The PVP garu, sincere congratulations to represent the entirety of the unit, "he said.

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