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Dasari Appreciated Baahubali and Kanche Films

 National award-winning 'amazon', 'fence' honor images darsakaratna Narayana dadasari 63 national awards in the Telugu film came to his claim. Terakekkincinabahubali high technical values' won the best national film award, which came in the wake of World War II romance film "The Fence" won the best film of pantiya. Speaking on the occasion, Narayana darsakaratna dadasari 'National Awards for the first time is very happy to have secured a national award for the best film in the Amazon. Telugu Cinema, Telugu film made garvincela race. Aish was crowned, as well as film directing talent. Aish is such a great picture, Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni, Prabhas, Rana, my congratulations to the members of the unit, including composing, as well as the best regional film award at the national level, my compliments to the image of the fence. The fence to create etmaspiyar Chris succeeded in the past in relation to the film. Director Chris, sincerely congratulate the members of the unit, including Varun Tej said.

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