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Yamapasam Audio Launched Grandly

 Jayam Ravi "yamapasam" Audio Release  Do not fall so far in Tamil Zombie (walking corpses) made with the concept of 'mirutan the film in English, "yamapasam" is coming in the name. Jayam Ravi, Lakshmi Menon, who act to hook up the audio of the movie Friday Telugu hero Nani, Editor Mohan, Posani Krishna Murali, hero Jayam Ravi, Nagineedu, producer Shobha Rani was released. Father in law, brother-in-law, go safely come to gain an acquaintance Editor Mohan, son of Telugu audience with films like Jayam Ravi, Lakshmi Menon played a significant role Tamil "mirutan" became a sensational success with the release of the pre-owned when the Telugu audience for this film will be released on February 19. Rajan has taken the power of the zombie movie beauty, this has been the second in India in janar. Go Goa Gone Saif Ali Khan's name came first. So far, only in Hollywood films were the kind. A virus spread around the world, people will change the cannibals, the virus itself from the rest of the zombie storyline kapadatamela them. They have become routine in Hollywood, in India, the d .. In yamapasam Audio Release Nani ... the trailer for the film by the yam loops that are always very thrilling custana yamapasam hours of being ... for the first time in the movie debut as hero Jayam Ravi teliputu wishes to ... zombie genre has said it expects to be successful in regularly with the film's upcoming yamapasam ... Posani Krishna Murali Mohan's editor, such as the producers of the Telugu film to speak ... that is essential to his return to the Telugu film Jayam Ravi said that he wished to build a ... ... Jayam Ravi as a scientific hero .... the consequences of any virus in humans are made with a different concept yamapasam. The film was given an ultimate hope of any language Telugu and Telugu for the first time yamapasam tisukostannam ... owing to the introduction by the film to be very happy to support it want to be sure that the Telugu film industry and the media, he said. Jayam Ravi and "Yam wired" the hero of the film in Telugu with the conquest Whether we receive.

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