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Savitri Song Launched -Photos-Details

 `Solo again was in a good family entertainer: - Nara Rohit `savitri Song launch event ======== `Savitri audio on March 4, 25 release ========  Nara Rohit's movie, starring Nandita heroine of the film "savitri. Pawan sadineni director, Vision Film maker banner davibi Rajendra Prasad is producing this film. Teaser for the film Valentine's Day gift Photo The much recently. Tijarki had excellent response. Chitra hero Rohit himself unveiled the latest to sing the special song. Teen Maar was a heart issue tinmar elastic alternates .. this song is a leading producer, varahi film unveiled at the head of the Sai Korrapati. Village nanakramguda Rama Naidu in Hyderabad Sai Korrapati event, Rohit, Nandita, Rajendra Prasad, Madhu, Vasant, Sravan, Ajay, Krishna Chaitanya and others participated in the ceremony.  From the producer. Vivirajendra Prasad-vijan Films tiyalanukunnam first attempt, a good family entertainer. The film is no double ahladakaranga conversations. Rohit is a good song, sung in the film. He did not sing so well. Director Pawan awesome performance. Dialogues are the highlight of mobility. Family friendly film. On March 4, the audio, will release on the 25th of the same month. Audio jearsi said cestunnam Convention Center.  Nara Rohit-rendelluga director, said the hero of this srkiptu ayyam travel together. After that has been produced. The project is carried forward. Well, is the image of power. His working style is good. Artistulanta played well. Solo would later believe it is a good family entertainer. Diopi this very special film. Rowdy Fellow movie provided Krishna Chaitanya words. Prasansaloccayi the fine. Krishna Chaitanya once again presented to the words of my film. Also wrote the songs. Padalsina had a song in the film context. Padesanu. Hope all comments. Kavali film, the audience is going to be our blessings.  The first film 'Ishq na love talking to the director Pawan sadineni kadal gave valuable advice when a distributor. Youth and one ticket for the family of the film tend to rot. If the movie tickets for a family of four is going to be the same tegutay. Bavuntene producer produces films. Considering that the content of the film took a good family. Each of the artists in the film, which is made to look telugutanam. Vinakundane story line, and then said okay sutinguki producer. He gave many valuable suggestions. Asset Sravan wonderful music. Since the release of our film business began as a poster. Anil Bhanu possible by Creation. The audience is going to kavali blessings.   The actor Madhu has been spent getting settled case-nirmata budget. Rohit is a good song, sung in the film. Husaru increased among those with the song. Sadhincali big success, he said.  Krishna Chaitanya, said the author of the words of this song from the hands of Korrapati sayi luck is going to be launched. Backing in the hope that further advanced. Since this is the first known team. Rohit said padadu well.  I can not believe no-rohit said Nandita singing. He sang very well. Savitri roll pavanki m fine thanks for writing. She plays a good role in my career. Working with other team is good style. Krtajnatalu Sai garu said.  Murali Sharma, Ajay, Ravi Babu, Jeeva, Posani, Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh, Prabhas Seenu, Madhu among others. The film camera: evasant, music, bisravan, Editing: Gautam nerusu, art, Hari Varma, the fights, the Dragon Prakash, story-screenplay-direction: Pawan sadhineni.

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