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Raju Gari Intlo 7 Va Roju Release Date

 On February 26 release, "rajugarintlo 7 varoju '  Film Factory banner leading Bharat Bharat Ajay, Arjun Venkatesh, Akshay Kumar, Sushmita natinatulugarupondina citramrajugarintlo on the 7th day. The director Feroz pilam this citranninirmincaru bharatkumar. All programs, including the completion of the sensor, the film will be released on February 26. On this occasion, a press conference held in Hyderabad on Wednesday ...  Esviar. Sijesobharani president said 'philayyanu much thrill at the sight of the film. Natinatulandaru kottavarayina played well. The story of the four thieves. The film was released by our company is doing hyapiga. The film will be released on February 26. All citramavutundi be favorites, "he said.  Raja said the director Feroz 'Bharat kaduhard money for the film, made with the workshop. 'Horror, comedy, thriller, with elements including the four wonderful songs citramidikanisk, ririkardingnu provided. Have the support of everyone. Suspense, horror, comedy, including all elements of the image. Tait will play the screen. The film was completed, the sensor shows a U / A certificate received. Is set to release on February 26, "he said.  The hero, the producer said Bharat 'horror thriller movie based comedy. The film was directed by Feroz well. Kanisk music is very good. All of the unit have been hard. The film was well. Help will sobharanigari memorable. She tircukolem loan words. Carpenter, electrician, painter, plumber, who work four young men imprisoned under any circumstances. The things to do with the story, what they watch the movie. Deyyaluntaya? Do not have any? It also said that. Support of the Artist, teknisiyansku Thanksgiving. Planning to release on February 26, "he said.  This program Kranti cinematographer, Arjun, Sushmita, Triveni, Venkat attended.  The film camera: light kekumar, music, kanisk, Producer: bharatkumar pilam, writing, directing, Firoz royal.

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