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Little Stars on February 12


 On February 12 release 'Little Stars' Master Mohammad Afan hecdivijan presented by India's Little Stars banner. Taslim, heaven-begot, Shrestha, Charan, Harsh, starring and directed the picture, Ibrahim Basha, Sheikh Rashid, Amir Basha, shake, shake khajabi, was built by Sheikh Nazim. The film will be released on February 12. On this occasion, a press conference held in Hyderabad on Sunday ... `` Children pilim Festival director Rashid said Basha, by the inspiration of the film made with the intent to bring the child to adapt the film. To select a child and workshops organized for them. Providing the script for the film was a kid. What cesaranede sinima with six for their friend said. `` In terms of the subjects needed to edagalsina vedakumar Telugu cinema. Children's film does not bring enough to the reception. Children's films require large plate is non-overlay. The feelings of the children in our country by the central and state governments to convince the Children's Film Festival in Hyderabad to set up a permanent venue for the cesam said. Speaking bhagiratha `Taare jaminpar, bhajarangi bhayjan movies like Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, the star, such as those due to the heroes of the movies were big hits. Young children will need to come in Telugu films. The two Telugu states require anywhere undi ceyutanivvalsina said. The program Kishan Sagar, Sheikh Ibrahim, Amir Basha attended shake. The film sinimatographih Kishan Sagar, editingh Niwas, sangitamh srivenkat, nirmataluh Ibrahim Sheikh, Amir Basha, shake, shake khajabi, Sheikh Nazim, story, screenplay, darsakatvamh Rashid Basha.

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