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"Baby" Movie Releasing on Shivaratri

  During Sivarathri "Baby" was released! Tamil create a successful "baby" picture of the same name, will be offered to Telugu audience. All Sunshine Creations, a new cast and a new production studios jointly sucin famous directors in the different horror thriller Bharti Raja's son Manoj is playing the male lead in the film. Anjalirav, saira Garg actresses starred satanya baby, baby srivarsini played an important role. Speaking on the occasion, Chitra producer kotlapati Murali Naidu .. "Tamil create a successful" baby "picture of the same name, has been dubbed in English. Different horror thriller movie Telugu audience as well as the hope of alaristundanna Telugu Translate this picture. This is the most famous composers in the male male son Manoj the hero of the movie is playing. during Sivarathri planning to bring the audience a picture of the baby, "he said. Manoj male, anjalirav, saira Garg, satanya Baby, Baby, among others, play an important role srivarsini lyrics: dacalla app, the words: yamrajasekhar Reddy, Music: Harish - Satish, editing, Bhagat Singh, cayagrahanam: Jones Anand, producers: muralinayudu kotlapati, directed by Suhasini duddupudi: disures!

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