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Appudala Ippudila Grand Release on February 19

 On February 19, as the release of the grand entertainer hileriyas 'now and then'   Suryateja, harsika punca duhra Movies hero and the heroine of the submission, jampa Creations banner rupondutonna film 'now and then'. Kearvisnu director. Pradeep Kumar jampa producer. Chitra songs Sunil Kashyap, the music had a super response. Chitra trailer response to the tremendous interest on the image with the distributors. This is a picture of a business making short films, full of all the programs and the producers are planning to release worldwide on 19 February.  ... Speaking on the occasion, producer Kumar jampa ... citramavutundi bring a good name to our banner. Vishnu was the director of a well-designed for each scene. Brahmareddigaru provided a good story. The trailer had a good response to the songs that have been launched recently. Mr. Sunil Kashyap's music, background score are highlighted. Complete all of the programs and will be released on 19 February, the highest in theaters grand. He said.  ... This is a film director and given the opportunity to kearvisnu director Pradeep garu Thanks a lot. Venakadakunda cost of producing a good quality film. Entertaining told as a story of love. X films to be recognized as a separate film of love're pekt. Music director Sunil Kashyap wonderful music. Since the release of the trailer for the following categories of Trade has created a good buzz. Taggattugane it is good business. Suman, Naresh, suryateja, each including harsika punca Artist, Technician have better support. Thanks to everyone. ... All of the programs completed on February 19, vastunnam forth. He said.  Suman, Naresh, Sudha, music, Siva Reddy, Prithvi, Supreeth, prabhas Seenu, Jim, tornado Sudhir, Fish Venkat, Josh Ravi, Anant, melkote, Zabardast Ramu, Phani, baby And others in the cast.  Production Executive - bhiksapati THUMMALA The story: brahmareddi holding, Music: Sunil kasyaph, Editor: esbiuddhav, Fights - Ram Hiren Cinematography: pisikhanna, Dancing: Rakesh, Shekhar, Bhanu, Songs - Chaitanya Varma P, R, O - Tejaswi Bajra Producer: Pradeep Kumar jampa, Screenplay, Direction: kearvisnu.

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