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Janaki Ramudu in Climax

 Ram Janaki beautiful love story at the climax of the movie  Sanjay Naveen, maunika up to the Kaveri Travels presentation tamminidi Satish Babu Ram Janaki movie love story, directed and produced by empinayudu. Shooting is in the final stages. Post-production works are just as fast. Empinayudu're planning to release the film in the second week of February. Kaveri Travels is planning to make up the difference in the promotion of the film.  Chitra said this about features ... Janaki Ram director tamminidi Satish Babu is a film about the love story of a beautiful countryside turi environment. That is how beautiful love story in which the protagonist ... tolakari drizzle pulakarincina contact you remember the fragrance of the soil. Nakundi mind loves so beautifully. Nikunda just enjoy the beauty of the heart ... he asks. Mataloste silence to say she came to my mind to it ... I'm tolimata guilt. He reveals the love of his mind. That is leading to much enjoyed my eyes to see my breath agipoyetappudu be Needhayi final form. He tells of his love for her. What happened to the love story ended with such delicate feelings. Janaki had been the story of Lord Rama. Venakadakunda empinayudu our producer, producing cost. There is currently shooting the climax stage. Post-production work is going on. The audio release will be issued shortly by the second week of February. He said.  .... Producer Janaki Rama said empinayudu relevant to the title of the story was beautiful. As our director Satish Babu love films is being cut. It is a beautiful love story of the emotionally sensitive. Terakekkincam this picture of beautiful locations. Movie pablisitini also planning differently. Kaveri Travels through the promotion of innovative programs that can be taken to the people in this picture cepattabotunnam. Shooting is currently in the final stages. All sections of the film is being unconvincing. Within a few days the second week of February and the picture and audio tisukostam front of the crowd. He said.  Sanjay Naveen, maunika, Shiva, Krishna, Sudha, Holy Lokesh, Priyanka, Arjun, the sun, black Venu, Kamal, shaved Sudarshan, Jackie, Sudarshan, Kiran, Meena Kumari, Geetanjali,  Cinematography - anit Music - giphtan alias Editing - Nagendra adapa Ard Director - North Kumar Lyrics - Sri Mani, Anantha Sriram Executive producer - Seetha Ramaiah vellanki Line Producer - Lila Prasad Stills - Baseball Fights - in Choreographer - gold, Nixon Publicity designer - Ishwar tour Cashier - Balaji Naidu Makeup - Ranga Costumes - Narasimha Piaro - Eluru Srinivas Submission - Cauvery, Cauvery Media Services Producer - MP Naidu The story, dialogues, screenplay and direction - tamminidi Satish Babu

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