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She Movie Pressmeet Details

 'She' heroes behind the scenes to prepare for the film  KALVAKUNTLA tejesvararavu under construction 'MAHESWARA Arts' banner on the pouch MS Ramesh's upcoming film 'She' (the subtitle is waiting) svetaminan 'She' is playing the role of hero behind the scenes of this film is full of choice ayyindii citrayunit during the 'off-screen movie Team' with has set up a press conference ..  KALVAKUNTLA tejesvararavu producer, said: "She 'ayyindiasalyam without having to complete the selection of the heroes behind the scenes for a movie with a good service in a ceremony this month, starting in January of this picture, in the month of February will be released in April, said the shooting was completed .. pouch director MS Ramesh, a good story, the narration This is a picture of good and talented film technicians terakekkistunnaruantekakunda undannaruekkada very happy to come Compromise was constructed with a huge budget, but this picture ..  Matladutu director MS Ramesh pouch: a beautiful love story, adding to the horror terakekkistunnamani the picture-in-law is very confident of the project's production annarunirmata KALVAKUNTLA tejesvararavu forget to rate this movie is going to be very happy with a good talent to come teknisiyans ... this program line prodyusar quay Vijay Goud, executive prodyusar Basant No palgonnaru many teknisins ...  Technical experts - social media promoter: ennam Srikanth, pablisiti designer: dhani ele, Stunts: Satish, vieph X: Eva motion studio, costume designer: dark, choreography: errolla Ramesh, Art: Rama Krishna, Music: bhole, Cinematography : anit, line prodyusar: Embankment Vijay Goud, executive prodyusar: Basant Reddy, Producer: KALVAKUNTLA tejesvar Rao, story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: Pouch Ramesh, MS

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