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Tripura Producer Chinna Babu Interview

 Interview: cinababu (Tripura producer)  Swati, Navin Chandra leading role, the film 'Tripura'. 'Thanks' fame and directed rajakiran. Telugu, and Tamil languages, the film has been made. A crazy media banner. Cinababu, emrajasekhar this film. Kamran notes have been released recently. On November 6, the film brought the audience in English. Tamil version will be released on 27. The producer cinababu 'Tripura''s visesalivi about ..  'Tripura' kathenti ..? Swati innocent village girl. She dreams come true. Comes to the city for treatment. There she is married to Dr. Navin Chandra. They are the dream doctor. After seeing the movie to know what happened.  Thanks, Tripura .. What is the difference between? Thanks .. horror comedy film. Tripura .. comedy thriller, family drama. Before the wedding, how life will be after? Alakalu between husband and wife, love .. Like the movie amine. The director, is entertaining. Saptagiri special attraction of the film is entertainment.  Swati wrote the story for the sake of ..? The?. "Thanks," the director rajakiran, I ceyalanukunnam with the film. Than the story of the 'state' pettesam name. Everything, however, felt that the role of the justice wrote the story after the Swati. To meet up with her, saying it was okay. The idea did not come to us in the lead. Swati's played well.  .. Indians are pre-release income? Eye candy. One of the pre-planned budget, is now one of the expenditures of the budget. Did not compromise the structure. .But Set pratyekanga Ramoji Film City. Hampi, Badami shot each song. We have believed the story of the cost. Estimates have been very good for business. Satellite bought the rights to the three and a half million. Happy.  The image is projected, largely as a result? Story. Swati won the last two films. As well as the 'Thanks' is going to be the movie will be directed by the rajakiran, Kona Venkat, veligonda screen .. have contributed to the formation of good predictions.  .. You see the movie? Cusanandi. Very happy. On November 6, the audience is supposed to see the film.  .. How many are being released in theaters? Will release the film in theaters around the world over 600. Good image overseas, the expectations of the audience. Nizam 'srimantudu', 'rudramadevi' pictures Pictures, which released the company of Abhishek 'tripuranu distributed. Quotes finding that the lack of short films and theaters. This is a good project without incident in the wake of the release of our film is going to be happy.  .. To be released on the 27th of the Tamil cause? Telugu, and Tamil languages, our plan is to be released on the 27th. English fence, Bengal Tiger, Akhil, had changed the dates of the release of films like Sankarabharanam. Lakkiga received theaters. Business on the pre-release will be completed 6.  .. The pictures? Has not yet taken a decision. Swati agree with her again, I will make the film. 'Tripura' being built along the lines of the image.

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