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Super Star Mahesh babu to Release Bhale Manchi Roju Audio

 On November 25, from the hands of Mahesh  "Actually a good day 'audio release  'Love story film', 'krsnamma two partners' such as the super-hit films in all sections of the audience dupar its own image, which is owned pratyekhamaina Sudheer Babu, vamikha exposing the heroine, 70mm Entertainments banner Vijay Kumar Reddy, Reddy sasithar jointly, Sriram The director of the movie exposing the dominant 'bhalemanciroju'. Had a tremendous response to the first look of the recently launched teaser. However, the ... November 25, srimantudu 'blockbuster hit film, received the Super Star Mahesh Babu will be released from the hands of big Chitra good day. Mahesh Babu, Sudhir Babu fans Chitra and distinguished career in the industry, actually a good day in the presence of major producers are planning to release the audio at the Grand.  In this case the producers said, "sudhirbabu, vamikha up to 70mm in the direction of our friend Aditya Sriram Entertainment banner and produced by the excellent response to the teaser Chitra was actually a good day. The big craze for the film came after the release of the teaser. ... To continue the craze of the Super Star on November 25, Mahesh Babu will be the chief guest at collecting songs actually a good day. This program, along with the Super Star fans .. adult film industry would attend. 'svamirara', 'artsy jampala' sanniyamar works, music and the music of this film. The film entertains key played a role. One day, the story takes place throughout the terakekkincam interesting scenes. 'uttamavilan', 'Vishwaroopam' works, provided the photograph samdat (shamdut) are provided for cinematography. All programs completed shortly bring forward a picture of the audience. " Said  Kemera samdat, sangitam sanniyamar, art Ramakrishna, word-of Arjun and Karthik, editing-yamarvarma, co-dairaktar Ram Reddy

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