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Full Moon with Bollywood Technicians

 Bollywood teknisiyansto expected 'Full Moon' Glitters Film Academy banner previously 'Bum dham' self-image as directed by Deepak baldevmarosari 'Full Moon' terakekkincanunnaru the picture. Prakash Thakur presented Telugu, Hindi languages ​​nelakharunundi sets this film .Support expected. Speaking on the occasion, Chitra filmmakers Baldev Deepak .. '' a good story, the narration, 'Full Moon' in the film again rabotunnamu front of the crowd. Make Bad Decisions Better Stories in the subtitle of the film. Music of Bollywood music director of this film is good scope andincanunnaru Abhilash music. Done currently recording songs. Chakdara India, Where is folks, Raavan, provided the choreography in films like Om Shanti Om sagardas providing choreography for the film. Canada is expected to figure in the story of three couples, a girl sika as a performer. The regular shooting of the Chitra this nelakharunundi Dehradun, Shimla, to be held kasollalo ... '' he said. Music: Abhilash, choreography: sagardas, mekapchip: Nageswara, Associate Director: Jahangir; Co-Director: Hemant, desires, stylist: Guest Dutta, Production Executive: THUMMALA bhiksapati, construction: Glitters Film Academy, offering: Prakash Thakur, story-screenplay-darsakatsam: Deepak Baldev.

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