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Bhagavath Ramanujulu Ready for Release

  Press note Set for release "Providence ramanujulu" Srimannarayanudu to be. Ghazal Srinivas   Sriramanuja sahasrabdi during the most prestigious Sri Ramanuja cinajiyyaru tridandi the auspices of Swami, Sri Anantha Sri Ramanuja jiyyaru vibhusita tridandi Sri Ramachandra Swami Amrita creations produced by their Mangaladevi regulations, "Bhagwat ramanujulu" graphics, a re-recording was completed, and will soon release siddamavutunnatlu director, Mrs. Manjula suroju .   Sri Ramanuja caryula Vishishtadvaita provided humanity with the theory that the life of devotion, said to have created the spiritual touch. As a special role to Lord Vishnu. Ghazal Srinivas, Lakshmi Devi pramodini magically appeared in other roles, ramanujuluga Surya Bhagwan Shri Ashok Kumar acted in other roles, such as Annapurna, actors, music, p. J. Naidu, V Ramana garden cinematography, editing moparti K Srinivasa, Sai Baba's words, songs, Sri vedavyas, mango sarvani will provide technical support.   The Chitra producer banyan Jamuna Reddy in Telugu, rather than the image of the Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi will be in translation. The sensor will soon be making the effort to complete the mukkoti ekadasiki release said.

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