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Naga Shourya Helped Army Family

 Nagasaurya civilian financial aid to the family of brave young hero Bot true hero of the family within the boundaries of its war dead terrorist's bullets Balai nagasaurya called on Friday. On March 5, the Jammu and Kashmir region near the kuppavada andvara badangi Vizianagaram district in the shooting at the drip zone golladi truth from the village, which had been its war dead. Srivani militants shot and killed the wife of the truth-in-BOBBILI local gollavidhilo. Nagasaurya himself comforted family members went to the home of the hero. Pranalarpincina for the family, we will support the country. Epppudu stated any need to contribute more to come. After 50 thousand children have been named for the deposit picks. Speaking on the occasion, the hero of the nagasaurya ... Jawan brave and true ... have fought for the country's defense basaru asuvulu. I thought it was the responsibility of the family, such as paramarsincadam. So the family decided to go straight ... to come and comfort. Untunnamante so clear that we owed to the soldiers. I have a small family, brave and supporting civilian. Undertake service activities for our family spirit. The programs will always be at the forefront of the industry such as Chitra. He said.

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