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Keechaka Movie Releasing on October 30

 On April 30, the 'kicaka'  Yamini Bhaskar, flame million, Raghu Babu, Babu, Vinod, who played the main roles in the film 'kicaka'. Envibicaudari under the banner of Sri Gautami Talkies film, directed by Kishore Reddy mountain. Josyabhatla music. Is released on the 30th of this month. On this occasion, a press conference held  Envibicaudari director said .. "It is difficult these days to the release of the Telugu film, on the 30th of overcoming the difficulties our 'kicaka' movie will be released. The new concept, the newly made. English these images are rare. Yadarthagadha has been made based on the movie. Fiction low, riyalitiki is close. A magic 300 women raped and the beast story. better the lives of people inspired by the act. If you like this story is why the option that some have questioned. bad life to learn, is a lot. Akul Yadav's life is a lesson, women sphurtinistundi. The new producer Kishore Rao agreed that as soon as heard the story. A similar story is harshly. Recently, a film was shown to the audience of about 150 people. 85 per cent to be good. The story and screenplay of the new terms, "he said.  Producer Kishore said parvatareddi .. "rape scenes in the film are some of the most criticized. It is true. Kathanusaram that was shot. This film made in support of women. Women rape victim reversal, sadists shown how the flight. We have 24 days to complete filming. 30, the release of about 100 theaters re. didactic film, "he said.  The picture will be released in Tamil Rao yanvi .. "Tamil" asuragan titled anuvadistunnam picture. Is slated to be released next month. Despite courageous act, raped women do not agadam. Not everyone with a view to becoming a director, the producers of this story took place, "he said.  Jwala said one .. "somewhere in the subject the way the story is good klaritito miss, is the director of the film. I was given the chance to perform the important role of the director, thanks to the producers. Our well worth the effort to get a good result in the 30th tidina firmly believe," he said. This program KAMALAKAR cinematographer, dialogue writer Ram Prasad Yadav, Krishna Kishore and others were being distributed in the district picture.  The film camera: KAMALAKAR, the words: Ram Prasad Yadav, producer: Kishore parvatareddi, story, screenplay and direction: envibicaudari

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