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Gopichand Soukhyam on December 25

 Gopichand bhavya creations in the film `saukhyam When two people with a smile on the lips of manasulonunci reminder that `saukhyanga unnara. No comfort to think about the loved one. Such a person may want to saukhyanga atmiyulandaru upcoming movie `saukhyam story. Gopichand bhavya vianandprasad Creations banner was produced film titled `saukhyam. The film is directed by eesravikumar. Actress Regina. Prasad said: `` This is a film producer vianand that they are not alone in her house, her philosophy surrounding our hirodi also want to saukhyanga. For the action in the ring ready dukadanikaina. Entertainment is eager to do. The hero of the story is ready to do what is for the convenience of four rupondistunnam this film. Chaudhary eesravikumar decade ago, when the combination of Gopichand `yajnam abalagopalanni alarincindo has faded. Now the picture is no less than rupondistunnam comfort. The film is a combination of two factors have come to expect when the crowd. If the relationships between human beings, the affection of the film, which is a large plate. Talkie is complete. Migilunnayi songs. This month, from November 7 to 26, three songs will be picturized abroad. Anoop Rubens a lot of songs are quite active. Everybody may have heard the excitement. Youth sure that the foot tapping music kitabistaru. Switzerland, Austria, led by Raghu Master Hero, hiroyinlapai picturized three songs. The remaining two songs will be picturized in Hyderabad. One is that the item song, the other hero introduction song. The entire film will be completed. On the other hand, there is also in post-production. Part of the dubbing has been completed. Cestam release the film on December 25, said that as a Christmas present. Chaudhary said the director of `` saukhyanga Are eesravikumar? Might have to undergo some kind of mind knowing that when asked to bother. Finding no ksemasamacaralanu our funeral. Such cultured young man known for their convenience, comfort around her action for this? Entartainmenttone continue? This is the main point of the film. Gopichand, to see a couple of Regina is very fresh. Anoop good sangitanniccaru. The film is very well. Gopichand again after ten years of operating the kind of excitement that undi said. Gopichand, Regina starrer film magnate Janaki, Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna Murali, Jayaprakash Reddy, Jeeva, Raghubabu, krsnabhagavan, Mukesh Rishi, O God, Prithvi, Raghu, sivajiraja, surekhavani, satyakrsna, Satyam Rajesh playing other key roles. The film's story, words; Sridhar sipana, Music: Anoop Rubens, screenplay: Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan, camera: murella Prasad, Editor: Gowtham Raju, Art: Vivek, producer: vianandprasad.

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