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Mayuri Success Meet

 CK major role nayanatara Entertainment praili, Sri subhasveta svetalana Films banner and directed by Saravanan Ashwin, Varun, Teja, built siviravu Mayuri film was released recently with a grand opening speed road to success akattukuntu all sections of the audience. On this occasion, Prasad Labs in Hyderabad on Friday Chitra unit members participated in the press conference had been arranged. Speaking on the occasion, sikalyan .. gave me the opportunity to release the film producers on the belief that the English government, thanks to Prakash. I made many calls to the Moon in the film, and the film was more consistent. After that I produced a lot of pictures. Applause, but no film did not come out of this film. However, with the release of the placenta in Tamil and Telugu is the title of the hit sensation Mayuri has been released with the title. Movie watching in theaters is being enjoyed by everyone. Perfect was the director of the film. The director, the cameraman, music director, to the sink, however, is how the image of the same Mayuri. .. Said that thanks to the supportive audience. Speaking of the government .. The movie has been produced by the Tamil Telugu as Shakuni in the past. But the first film in our own banner. Tells the story of four children liked it very much. The new concept. No, he did not work with the director. How much did the script neret was well presented. Starring in the film believe that the content is sick. Weight may take some time to release the patient has a lot of Kalyan Rao said ... Music Director Ron said yohan .. Challenging work in this film to music. The background score of the film to make a good scope. The movie has been with Team Effort. Thanks to the success of such a large audience ..'ve said that. Said Ari hero .. my first film in English. At first soak the garu says the story. The role of the new bid, but he said to them. He had brought me this chance. The hero of the film's screenplay. Thanks to the big success of audience than I thought ..'ve said that. .. To make a good film director, said Saravanan Ashwin terakekkincam this picture. The picture on his shoulders, led by sick puppies. The film was a commercial film, even though the child was believed to be the script. Neret story is okay to act immediately, she said. Ari on the belief that our heroine-oriented film was thinking about that movie. Each technician had to work hard in their own film. Kalyan garu this picture in English so well promoted, thanks to the audience to embrace that

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