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Dashing Director Puri Jagannadh Interview

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   Badri, hooligan, desamuduru many hit films such as director Puri Jagannath has been made. He is currently working on the film is directed by Varun Tej as a hero. Sikeentartainments Pvt. Ltd., under the banner of srisubhasveta sikalyan Films are producing the film. On September 27, the eve of the birthday of Jagannath and interacted Chitra reporters about features.  Tell me about the movie ..?  Amma Nanna O tamilammayi citramadi upcoming movie along the lines of that later. Good Family. Mother is also a love story, along with the sentiment. After a long time, emotions, sentiment is portrayed in the film with fresh. Each scene has got better. Shooting of the film is almost complete. Only a small part remains.  About the performance of the artists ..?  Varun Tej seems to be the typical mass character. Genuine pretend to be. She will be mounted. Varun is sure to be a big star hero. Hiroyin patani the opposite direction. This is a good name for himself in the film. Revathi, the parents appear to Varun Krishna poured. Mother is a sentimental film with a song. Mr. Ashok Teja Telangana in SUDDALA good lyrics for the song are provided.  The title of the film to cause lophar .. Mothercare sentiment?  Lophar is a part of the story. That has been the title. But seeing a few scenes in the film Ram Gopal Varma's father, said sikalyan-in-law to change the title. So with the release of the movie kavatledu lophar title. The new title will be announced shortly.  Mr. Ram Gopal Varma's what this movie is about ..?  What I would Sentiments garu teacher. Sentiments do not believe in the relations of the original. But he had to feel emotional watching this film. He became well-connected film. Suggest going to have to change the title.  Chiranjeevi garu .. you do not like the story?  Ready and told him the story. Bavundannaru much of the first half. After hearing the full script that I would be summoned. But the media do not like in front of the second half. He said that adapting the film ceyatledani. Vinipincevadni once told me that if he made changes. Mr. Chiranjeevi is going to be, but did not do so.  Time to take a long time to undo the film is yet to be able to rumor. .. What is your response?  Time to value is more than I can give you a script. If you already understand how long that will be suited to a film. That may take more time, but I do not believe the film rather well. What else can the movies in that time ..  Are there any ideas for making the Amazon-sized images ..?  No original. While making such films, but never bothered to look, to give priority to.  In the 100 movies that can direct you say to this generation. It is what you ..?  I started my career as a film director in 2000, Badri. The fifteen years, is thirty images. When my first film as a director Kalyan with the new me. Allow me, I wanted to do the direct producer. But after the film is complete, you are sure to come up to me and said tistavani 50 movies. He is now under the auspices of the movie was thirty. I want to take more pictures.  Hindi is the direct ..?  Bollywood in the film and has been for four years. Buddha Hoga Tera Baap my last movie. Maybe next year there are opportunities in Hindi cinema.  .. Well you like the scripts of films you've directed?  I have all the love. Thus the rights of non-Subramaniam, Amma Nanna O tamilammayi, neninte, Business Men films appeal to me.  .. Next Projects?  Ishan from Bangalore to introduce the boy to be a love story. The film starts in November. Apart from that Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun ended the interview scripts'm saying.

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