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Simple Love Story Audio Launched

 Simple Love Story audio launch,Simple Love Story audio launched

 Simple Love Story Audio Launch! Cine Creations banner of Gayatri Kumar's submission on the four couples in the Ravi Varma, directed by Anil Kumar drums with a new cast and film producers Kundaly pandurangam 'Simple Love Story'. Ramesh. M Prasad Labs in Hyderabad audio songs were released in the Telangana ministers atiradha. The minister, who was the chief guest on the occasion of the Telangana Film talasani Srinivas Yadav, the first audio CD to hand over to the C, M, L Kalyan unveiled a rasamayi balakisan Big CD. On this occasion .. Talasani Srinivas Yadav, "short films, unprompted need to do is entanaina. Telugu films enjoyed reputations in the middle of the Amazon, movies evidence srimantudu., As well as our best short films are always co-operates. The songs are very good when it comes to the film. The film also believe that good . Chitra producers want the benefits would be a half-hearted, "he said. Balakisan rasamayi the "Telangana state is now moving to a movie. Small budget films, the film is not a film in the cinema determines the viewing audience. This film provided the music known as Ramesh. Tanavallane was coming out of this program. He provided a lot of the songs are good. The films themselves and Chitra my congratulations to the director, producers, and more, "he said. Music director Ramesh. M said, "I believe that given the opportunity, thank you for that, and I have my film producers. There are 5 songs in this film. All songs bagunnayani thinks everyone is very happy," he said. And C in this program. Kalyan, N Shankar, Shiva Reddy, along with film producers participated in this Chitra unit. Karthik heroes, Kartikeya, Kiran and Naresh, hiroyin to take over, samali Sharma, madhulagna Das, anvika leading the cast in this film: bhanucandar, Dhanraj, Shiva Reddy, Baby, Chitti Babu, starring Annapurna s submission: Kumar, camera : parandhama, Music: Ramesh. M, editor: V. The truth, choreography: Dilip, kaladhar, RK, producers: Kundaly pandurangam, drums Anil Kumar, Screen Play-katha-directed speech: Ravi Varma. M.

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