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Premikudu Logo Launched In Hyderabad

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 'Premikudu' Movie Logo Launch! > Manasen, Sanam Shetty starrer directed by Sandeep laksienreddi dijipostar presentation of art and produced the film under the banner of esessinima 'Premikudu'. The logo on the eve of the birthday of the hero Manas Prasad Labs in Hyderabad, which was released on Sunday. Damodar Prasad logo to launch the program producer, who was the chief guest. On this occasion .. > Damodar Prasad said: "The film was very successful, to the Manas want to bring a good name," he said. > Tummalapalli ramasatyanarayana said "our banner in 2014 with the Manas ceyalanukunnam a movie. But could not be reached. This year's our banner to Manas was thought to be in a movie. This movie is very good logo design. Definitely the film will get a good success," he said. > Laksmienreddi producer, said that "60% of the talkie part of the film has been completed. There are still two songs in the balance. Vijay Balaji was good music, Chitra soon release a soundtrack to the film and the audience planning to bring forward," he said. > Art was the director said, "Love, Crime, Comedy wake rupondistunnam this picture. Itaram up to 60% of youth with a view to the construction of the talkie part of the film and new locations in and around Bangalore, completed shooting two songs. The two schedules of the actors, with the assistance of technicians help is happy for timely completion. The film, starring as the villain Aziz to break the film is good. The hero Manas ekasantagrahi. A scene in the movie adaptation of the stories. story modalupettam invest in this film. It's a game based movie screen. Surely everyone will like, "he said. > Hero Manas said, "became the title always feel the most excited. Producers do not do this movie. Where kampramais being built in this film. This film served as the youth team. The film begs the audience want," he said. > Sanam Shetty said the heroine of "Romeo Movie Manas to be a good gift. Director-in-law loved to tell the story to me. This is happy for being part of the film," he said. > The event Padmini, tiprasanna Kumar, kadambari Kiran, Ghazal Srinivas, Mohan vadlapatla, basireddi, kommineni Rao, Sudhakar komakula, Sana, Anita Choudhary, attended josyabhatla. > The film Cameraman: sivake, said: Mohan, songs: Sriram hermit, Editor: Madhu, Music: Vijay Balaji, producer: laksmienreddi, story, screenplay, art Sandeep darsakatvam.

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