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Chethan Cheenu Mantra-2 Success Tour

 He went among the crowds! - 'Mantra 2' hero Chetan cinu  '' The film was ayipoyinda our work .. '' ... are some of the candanga. But, the public went to the cinema? What contributed to the vellakapote? They are people who think that the actors. Chetan yuvahiro cinu belongs to this category. 'Anjali' film starring child actor Chetan cinu the recent release of the 'magic' 2 'was introduced by the hero. Chetan went to promote the film itself, some of the districts. Amalapuram went to his hometown, was akkadivallato noise. However, the audience responded to the wine they Chetan daggarikellinappudu Windham words ..  "This tour is very anandanniccindi me. Went to lots of sage, was so well received, '' said Chetan saying -" East Godavari and West Godavari districts visited. Ashoka shot Mahal, theater, theater Padmaja Yanam, Kakinada Sangeet went to the theater. Act well that the audience thinks seemed very happy. However, Amalapuram from ambajipeta from 200 to 300 bikes, 50 cars came to rally the crowd will never forget the wine. Amalapuranlo as well as the main road, about two kilometers from the center of the theater, producing an unforgettable experience of fifteen vedapanditulu Welcome kumbanto complete. The next shot leaves the local MLA eskeviti me satyanarayanagaru Thousands of College Students awarded the most anandanniccindi between. Okkanne to promote the film, but I do not know tappo karekto to take responsibility, to take a stand saduddesantone film I've done this tour. Those where the name of the tour to help stabilize katajnatalu smoothly. Coming soon my film 'The King's Room' advertising campaign is also to do so, '' he said He

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