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Kalaya Nijama Director Mahesh Interview

 Kalaya Nijama Director Mahesh Interview,Producer Mahesh about Kalaya Nijama interview,Telugucinemas

 Raj, a pair of Mahesh Bhagat Geeta ski movies and I jointly fantasy design studios, the film is directed by Mahesh 'kalaya true'. The film is scheduled for release on August 7 to complete all programs. During the interview with the filmmakers Mahesh ..  .. How the movie is going to be? This is a family thriller movie. Entertainment will be also. Among the newly married couple would hate this story eduravutayanede no consequences. Pariskarincukovalanede our problems, we plot the Chitra. This is an innovative attempt. Clean the image sensor programs 'U' certified. We're planning to release the film worldwide on August 7. The most recent release is a good response to the songs of the film. We are confident that this picture adaristarane as well as the audience.  .. In the form of graphics to show the cause of hatred? The lives of the husband and wife love vs. hate, myths elastic socio-fantasy storyline throughout the game as the graphics highlights rupondincami this picture is ten minutes of the film graphics. Every human being is hate. Is shown in the form of a demon to bring it out. Or siji is our strength through the means of showing the huge sets and has been using the graphics.  .. The first film does find it difficult to filmmakers? I am an architect. Terakekkinci interested in films, several documentaries have won awards. However, the films are in the same mode. Four songs, fights citralostunnayi routine story. The images come good evolution. That is why I am opposed to the concept of the terakekkincalanukunnanu with the picture. I have a lot of stories. They all tend to be with a huge budget. However, producers are showing interest to make experimental films. So in my range, low-budget film made. The director is familiar to me in 24 Crafts. Clarity is the story. So I seem to be difficult to undertake the task of directing the production.  About Performance artists ..? Hero Raj guest starred in a few films. It was his first film as a hero. Bhagat, who appeared as the heroine of her popular anchor. Also acted in a few serials. In the film, Raj, Geeta played fantastic.  How much of the film to the audience .. Reich avutundanukuntunnaru? We've wanted to film all of the discus. We have a lot of home for the pre-production work. We have taken the point is well-connected to the unnajenaresan. Vellalanukuntunnaru away from it, but when it comes to the issue of pariskarincukovatledu. All the points shown in the movie. Reach the audience is sure to be believed.     .. How many are being released in theaters? A total of 25 theaters, the film will be released on August 7. Theaters are more instances of the problem can not be released on August 8, 9 of these dates will be released in a few areas. On August 8 to 10 in the U.K., as well as the release of the film will be in theaters. US, Australia and Canada are planning to release in the interview he concluded.

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