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Chitram Bhalare Vichitram Movie Details

 Chitram Bhalare Vichitram Movie details

 Kartik Dream No. -1, the production kriyosans 'Movie bhalare miracle' 'Kalicaran', 'Lovers', starring as the lead role in Chandni impressed everyone please,' Romantic Crime Story, "starring as a successful film manojnandan, Anil Kalyan s, s role in the mild, such as the story's experiment received critical praise for rupondinci experimental film directed by Bhanu Prakash balusu Kartik's upcoming film Dream kriyosans production as the No. -1 'the bhalare miracle' of the title have been finalized. P with the image. Uma Kant is being introduced as a producer. Ms. pisilpa submitting voice. The shooting of this film is in the final stages of giggles throughout the terakekkistunnaru kuripincela. Speaking on the occasion, director Bhanu Prakash balusu .. 'experiment' in Telugu cinema with the film received a distinguished accolades. Critics also congratulated me as the director. However, in order to direct the second movie again decided to prepare a different story. So take a little time to prepare for this story did. Umakant-in-law would take long film. Kartika this story, be sure to tell him to take the banner kriyosans began to dream. Performance icitralo been very different storyline to the cast. Kalicaran, Lovers, Telugu audience with films like kirak suparicitaralaina chandini has a major role. Also manojnandan, Anil Kalyan, a mild enjoined the main role. Macitraniki the hero of the story. Comedy heroine. I thought this film was made as the various titles phullengt the end of the comedy thriller "The title of the film was finalized bhalare miracle. The film is a comedy in the film as a brand in the title bhalare trained to be a great adventure. That all sounded together with our Chitra Katha in our unit took this decision. It is currently in the final stages of shooting. Ceyanunnamu first look at the teaser released very soon. The title of our film is going to be .. taggattugane sure to entertain everyone. The producer said piumakant .. Kartik Dream kriyosans production Bhanu Prakash No. -1 balusu in the direction of our banner's upcoming film is in the final stages. Chandini, manojnandan, Anil, a mild to playing an important role. As we build the comedy thriller. The story, as dhipharent There are a lot of articles. The backdrop of the film, the storyline everyone pettistundi tears to the eyes. Diyotar thrilling the crowd with a little suspense at the end of the pratiphrem navvutune come out. Should the director of the Intelligent and silent, thinking he excelled rabattatanlo anukunnattuga screen presence. Natanani elicit all good actors. My all-time favorite film, film bhalare miracle 'kathanusaram our film of the same title, but now I am very happy yapt occurred. Everything in our unit garvapadutunnam Evergreen to have the title. This title is no longer tisipokunda our image. Shooting is the last stage. All programs are planned to be completed for release in September. Said, Chandini the role of the heroine .. very good. All surprised to see me in the film. I're shooting for a long time to be serious. But the comedy in the scene has navvincela me. Director was very well designed. Have co-operated very well with my co artists. This film gave me the chance of my dhanyavadhalu said that every okkariki  Nandan said Manoj ceyyani hero .. so far I was in a different role. So far, our image is now the title of the tallest .. so great a height to fit the title needs a lot of courage. 'Movie bhalare miracle' all-time favorite film to Telugu audience. Our film is also no way to increase the range of tisipokunda the title. He said.  .. Chandini tamilarasan actors, Manoj Nandan, Anil Kalyan, non-aggressive, Shri Prabhas, bio, solar, LeapFrog quotations, Vasu inturi, Zabardast Ramu, growl, language, etc .. natimncaru Sanketiki nipunuluediting-Gopi sindam, camera-tisurendar Reddy. Sangitam kanakes Rathore, executive prodyusar viravalli Ramu, nirmata piuma Kant, work-darsakatvam Bhanu Prakash balusu

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