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Telugu Television Technicians Press Meet on Serials

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 'Strike stopped in TV serials  Telugu TV channels are in the serials stopped conditions. TV teknisiyans Workers' Federation sahayanirakarana pattabotondi trail. Andrew pencalantu long demanded wages Telugu television teknisiyans vellabomani to shooting from the date of the Workers' Federation announced on August 3. TV affiliate unions of the federation of workers, technicians wages pencamantu 'Telugu Television Producers kaunsilnu the result of several left In the absence of August 3, decided to sahayanirakarana. The Federation is seeking to have the TV vetanalatopatu their timing. However,  Receiving no response to their protest programs in the 14 branches of the federation of the workers planning to escalate the TV. At a press conference held by the workers of all the branches of the federation to take part in the TV prastavincaru their problems. Telugu television teknisiyans Andrew Workers Federation, said Srinivasa Rao, Chairman of the mecineni .. television workers, 20-year-old said that the pay revision. It is less than a day laborer's wage. That the timing is correct, the workers said that about 16 to 18 hours of work. 'Telugu television  Producers kaunsilku phalitanledani taken to their requests for a number of times, and warned that it would sahayanirakarana from August 3. Rao producers to respond to their requests now korarutelugu television teknisiyans Workers Federation president Andrew Vijay Yadav, 32 years .. I am working artist, 20-year-old is still the same  Said wages are. To increase their wages, work schedules set forth, shooting Upon the night of 9 to feed the workers. Korutunnamannaru their three small demand. The dubbing serials, parabhasa artists living in the presence of TAMA has become questionable. Television  Producers tircakapote their problems, pain, hunger, from the date of August 3, the shooting would be cooperation rather than attend to. If the cooperation .. serials stopped there was less than a week.  At a press conference the Chairman of the Federation TV, adhyaksulatopatu leaders sihecsi Prasad, Srinivas kunapareddi .. All branches of the leaders of the workers involved. In fact, television serials, television serials days of the week when the 14 branches of the strike, with the situation in other Programmes stopped. However, if such a situation, to tivicanals, especially in severe losses producer.

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