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Srimanthudu Audio Released Grandly

 Srimanthudu audio released

 "Srimantudu 'Audio Launch Superstar Mahesh's Mirchi Shiva under the direction of Fame koratala muvimekars Alliance, embi Entertainment praili Banners nirmatu Naveen yerneni, that's why. Ravi Shankar, Mohan (siviem) movie 'srimantudu'. Music provided spikalavedikalo the audio was released in Hyderabad on Saturday. Venkatesh unveiled the audio CD. Andhra Pradesh is the first CD provided srinivasaravuki pm hour. Superstar audio innovation in the dark, Mrs. vijayanirma, superstar Mahesh, modest sirodkar, Gautam, Krishna Minister Gall, vivivinayak, sudhirbabu, srtihasan, Jagapathi Babu, adisesagiriravu, Srikanth Adda, Chitra darsudu koratala Shiva, JUPALLY Arun, Rahul Ravindran, music Director devisriprasad, Chitra producers Naveen yerneni, that's why. Ravi Shankar, Mohan's mind is the cinematographer, sucar India chief Kiran, Gopichand acanta, Ramajogayya Shastri were present. Telugu movie industry and has completed 50 krsnaki spring was the guest honor. The ... Superstar Krishna said, '' the title of the lot. Teaser, I saw the trailers. Mahesh was a lot of glamor. Mirchi Shiva as the super hit film directed koratala is happy to direct this film. As well as providing our satyamurtigari Music is very happy boy. Bringing benefits to the producers wanted the film to be a big success, '' he said. Superstar Mahesh said, '' Devi music I like better. I like his energy. The film has good music. Jago song in the film, my career would be one of the best song. He told about an extraordinary writer, director sivagari. He said what the story was much better than the movie. Sinimagraphini provided excellent mind. Balaniccadu nibadi our back. Jagapatibabugariki confess thanks to this film. The role played by no one except the way he ceyalerane. I have a big fatty kamalhasangariki. Srtihasan never work with his daughter. Performer in a teriphik pitches. The film is well acted. Rajendra Prasad, Sukanya, with everyone acting like members of our family were working. Naveen yerneni producers, that's why. Ravi Shankar, Mohan's first film production and well-being built. Always trying to do a good movie for the fans. Disappayint did last time. I'm sorry if it is my fault. Srimantudi a big hit with the fans and my birthday this time want to give a gift, "he said. Venkatesh said, '' the little one I have to say to you, the fans, your abhimanulandariki Return sockets, Collections baddhalaipotundani said. All the best to the team, '' he said. AP pm hour Rao said, "A lot of times I saw the teaser of the film. The film has a good message. The film must be large hittavutundi '' he said. Member of Parliament, Minister Gall Krishna said, '' This is a family entertainer. My son went to work as assistant director in the film. The film is a good story to you. Will be a success, '' he said. Director koratala Lord said, '' In the case of this film, Mahesh garike to say thanks. One of the Best Actor in a generation because of Mahesh, bringing good luck to him, such as the opportunity to direct. Mahesh wrote the story hard to put it in perspective image. When I heard the story, he thought emanukuntaro. He admitted no alocincacakunda. Producers, was very professional. Quality is not compromised when somewhere in the first film. Devi Sri X gave trardinari music. Cinematographer mind, ramajogayyasastriku Special Thanksgiving. Jagapatibabugaru, super father found mahesgaru. When I heard the story of a father want to do before ippukuntaro whether he agreed to immediately. Mahesh, good intonation Pair. Cathay's a little hard. Thanks to all members of the other team, '' he said. Speaking Jagapathi Babu 'Mahesh fans, passionate for success, looking atrtaga. In this film they are abroad, in the city who want to adopt it as a good subject for our urelli. Exciting film based Shiva. My favorite music director Devi Sri Prasad. He gave excellent music. Mahesh beauty of God, the crack-brained, mischief, all iccadanipistundi sprightly. It is also speculated to be the handsome Andhrula Mahesh. I can also say the same. Surely everyone will like the film, '' he said. Vivivinayak sensation director said '' to do a film with Mahesh billionth. He told a good story, the film will be convincing. The story is made. Koratala sivagari like a lot of direction. Good written dialogues. The trailer is very good. Madigari sinimatographik good. Devi Sri gave adaripoye music. All the best to be a big hit with the producers of the film, '' he said. Super Director Srinu Vaitla said, 'Mirchi is srimantudu beyond the film. Not so good was the story of Shiva, director of the director of the film. Teaser movie poster seen with a fresh look. Devi music of the film will be a plus. All abhimanullagane I am also wait for the release of this film, '' he said. Srikanth Addala director said the film is very good teaser. The songs are good too. The movie gets a big hit, '' he said.   Jagapati Babu Rajendra Prasad, srtihasan, Ali, Subba Raju, butter Kishore, Shivaji Raja, kadambari, Mukesh Rishi, Sampath, Harish, edida Sriram, tusi, Sukanya, Sitaram, Sana other cast. In addition to the film: ramajogayyasastri, dance: rajusundaram, Dinesh, Bosco Caesar, thils: Anal Arasu, Assistant Director: Trivedi, Associate Director: SESHU, Jayaram Ravi, Co-Director: Vasu, tusi, Chief Co-Directors: pivivi Somaraju, Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, art: eyasprakas, camera: Mind, Music: devisriprasad, executive producer Chandrasekhar ravipati, nirmatu: Naveen Ernie, vairavisankar, Mohan (siviem), the story of the `welding `` Screenplay by: koratala Shiva.

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