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Sanga Samskartha Bhagavad Ramanujulu Audio Launch

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All kulamatavargamulaku beyond the worship of God, the God of the world that can divyanugraham bhagavadramanujulu-throated jagadguruvulu. Bhagavadramanujula they sambhutulu adisesansa. Srimannarayana for granting salvation to all people of the earth divyajnato adisesule himself from Kashmir to Kanyakumari bhagavadramanujuluga tundarimandalanlo several versions of what would become the village of Sri perumbuduru mahanubhavulu bhagavadramanujulu lab. He was on the occasion of sahasrabdhi apararamanujulu srisrisri Srimannarayana Ramanuja tridandi jiyaru small statue of Swami Ramanuja pratistincabotunnaru Shamshabad 200 feet. Bhasyakara theoretical as well as pontiff Sri Anantha Swamy jiyaru Sri Ramanuja vibhusita sriramacandra ramanujula people to know their status as '' reformer bhagavadramanujulu '' The film was Amrita Creations banner. The audio launch of the film in Hyderabad, July 30 vatedi haiteksiti, madapur was silpakalavedikalo. The chief guest of the event, visit the srisrisri tridandi small Srimannarayana Ramanuja jiyaru svamivari Sri hastamula was the invention of the CD. Govindadasavahina members who organized the press conference, anantasri Lord, svamivari general secretary of Shrimaan. The marriage of the emperor, Mr. President indukuri prasadaramamohanraju bhasyakara theoretical base, anjayya Yadav, paida jamunareddi producer, director Manjula suroju, govindadasavahini President jakkaraghanandan Reddy, Vice-President Shrimaan Alluri plates involved Narayana kings. On this occasion .. Sri Anantha Swamy said jiyaru srisrisri vibhusita sriramacandra "We ramanujacaryulu jagadguruvaina emerged during the 1000 years of the history of the world, uninformed of his life making a film. A thousand years ago, to be the salvation of every person, even the words of his teacher said bhagavadhramanujulu of the world. The generous mentality of the person. supports harijanulaku entrance to happen socialist, reformer, was being adarsavantuluga a lot of people today. Bhakti movement spread to people from the whole world. Today every person kattincestunnaru statues on the roads. But people ramanujuluku a classical statuary, however, did not happen so far. His honor 'Equality statue of the The statue, 200 feet ramanujula pratistincabotunnam in Shamshabad, "he said. Srisrisri tridandi small Srimannarayana Ramanuja jiyaru Swami said, "the life of every person bagupadalanukune get the inspiration from each other. Shri Rama, Krishna, the incarnations of God as the all learned from their teachers. The teacher does not understand can live without a man. Such guruvulandariki bhagavadhramanujulu avant-garde. His life is a mass of uninformed media The film leasing wrapping chose was very happy to offer the world. indivisible Sri Swami said they felt very happy when a film's production. jagannadhudiki they ramanujulu mentor. God is the one that called. 102 years old, went to the temple of Tirupati is said to be. The man called said the rules of how to live. All that is required to be separated castes to intermingle, nature mamekamai vyaktayana to live. But now missing in such conditions. svarnandhraprades be a good Prime Minister, arrived in the hope of our country. The Untouchables, who was born samatamurtayyadu told everyone to look the same. How a person would obey. Since the facility did not meet the temples of God statue in the community said that they bid undesirable society. So go ahead and intervene reformer. Mahaniyudu made reference to the nation about the 'reformer bhagavadramanujulu' 'My congratulations to the producers of the film's upcoming film, "he said. Srisrisri tridandi ahobila jiyaru Swami Ramanuja said, "This is the absolute master of audio that shows the life of the world's cracked up to music. I appreciate all those who run such a program," he said. Suroju Director Manjula said, "Swamiji to see that many of the same stage as you may see Gary's ramanujulu. Harijanulaku entrance to the framed picture of the life of reformer terakekkincanunnam bhagavadramanujulu. They are the main elements of the tasks of this film. The garden Venkata Rao has provided excellent photography. PJ Naidu, the film's music is a plus "he said. Ghazal Srinivas, "the film starring as Srimannarayana chance to offer my thanks to the film makers," he said. Suryabhagavan, Anurag, Annapurnamma, asokkumar, Rajshri, courtesy copy, silver, Giri et al starring Camera: garden Venkatraman, Music: PJ Naidu, production executive BSE Chari, producer: jamunareddi, director: Manjula suroju.

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