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Remembering Allu Ramalingaiah on his 11th Death Anniversary

 Remembering Allu Ramalingaiah on his 11th death anniversary

 'Raghupati Venkaiah award recipient of the Padma Shri spin ramalingayya fleer tribute to garu October 1, 1922 in the spin ramalingayya Padma Rao was born in palakollu pasbimagodavari district. He plays a lot since childhood. All of us are the only characters in a drama theater life. Midunnantavarake theater frustrations were mounting up, hatred, love, play on the day after the way they've always said that it is their antundevaru his allies. His desire to be in the istamante daniloni roles Playhouse ramalingayya garu neravercukovataniki waiting at home without knowing it, they too would give three rupees bhaktaprahlada his first play, his first starring in the drama, the audience acclaim pondaru lekunnakuda natincaruala experience. Combined with the social responsibility that motivates people would turn in his plays. The mahatma gandhiji pilupunandukuni the Quit India movement and was imprisoned and also to her social outlook .. palgoni vellarayana leaving prison, in jail, where some of the rebels and some of the prisoners to simulate plays vesi parustune empowerment in the war on the other hand, it was untouchable. Like the tedalekunda plays a big role in catering for the spin is home to the image of the assemblage-cloth Shastri. Natistune films, homeopathic medicine is also used to free a hand. At the beginning of the movie so many difficulties in life, rather than fall into the comedy roles, along with the many different roles played by the comedy stable. Despite several interruptions mokkavoni jallunekadu comedy comic courage niladrokkukunnaruallu vilanijanni also raktikattincadu baga. Mugamanasulu feminine spin ramalingayya animutyaluga films, dongaramudu, Maya Bazaar, pearl three, manavuri the Pandavas, andalaramudu, etc. are Sankarabharanam. Mutyalamuggu before the film shoot dead all of a sudden pain in his son's mind spin ramalingayya Mr. anucukuni great actor involved in the shooting. Vilani comedy films about 1030, was the character of the characters. Subramaniam performing several songs, the voice of the child poyodi properly aligned. ' The only people on the film '' pearls vastava istava asked at the time of the song, Ever Green hit song nowadays. Mr. natidiga been a producer BG spin ramalingayya Geetha Arts production company stapinci 'flunky wife, "God digivaste, such as the gold medal was the best images. Star comedians Relangi long-established, the only comedian Thanks to comedians such as loops itaram modalukoni time. "Amyamya .. appum appum 'credited with creating crept over the swearing-like. Telugu audience laugh, the world laughs yabaiyellapatu films catering to spin ramalingayya's gone homages, honors, and awards asankhyakamainavi. In 1990, the Indian government 'Padma Shri' honored with the award. Relangi popular comedian actor's next 'Padma Shri' only-in-law received a comedian Allu ramalingayya. The Andhra Pradesh government for the year 2001, the highest 'Raghupati Venkaiah award giving ramalingayya's honor spin. Palakollulo, Vizag, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, such as his statue was set up in areas. His son-in-law as a producer of settlement in Sri Aravind, son-in-law Megastar Chiranjeevi many milestones in the history of Telugu film star ascended megapavar ramcaran Laws for, Allu Arjun, the heroes of the Telugu film industry Sirish This will be Success. Ramalingayya spin on July 31, 2004, he died at the age of 82. Alluramalingayyadi special place in Telugu cinema died. Manamadhya, even though he was physically immortal comedy alaristune untundi us. Vande the Indian film industry in 2013 was released to mark the release of the 50 stamps in memory of one of the spin ramalingayya. Telugu cinema, Telugu audience with his chest bratikunnantakalam vuntarini live in peace, in the hope that he would be a half-hearted korukundam Self .

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