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Rajugarintlo 7va Roju in Post Production Works

 Rajugariintlo 7 va roju post productions

 Post-production work, "rajugarintlo 7th day '  Ajay Bharath in the lead roles, Arjun Venkatesh, Akshay, Sushmita cast, directed by Bharat Bharat Kumar pilam Raja Film Factory produced the film under the banner of Firoz 'rajugarintlo 7th day'. The Chitra details about the director Feroz Raja said "everyone lives the events" rajugarintlo 7th day ". Filming has completed the post production work is celebrated. The horror, comedy, crime, thriller, including all elements of the film. Kanishka good music. Next month the release of the songs and the film is slated for release in the same month. This is a very different role in the film as Ajay and appeals to the thrill of the audience. drunkard Ramesh, children, Baby, Sam, Ravi to entertain other roles.  The film's director of photography: light kekumar, Music: kanisk, Stills: nagabhusanam, Producer: Bharat Kumar pilam, writing, directing: Firoz royal.

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