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NBK to help Rajahmundry Pushkaram Ghat Victims


My deepest condolence to all the people who have lost their lives in the crowd near pushkara ghats. I kindly request all the people to follow the rules as set up by the government and take safety measures. And i will make sure that all my fans in the nearby places there will help the people there and make sure that they return safely after pushkara snanam. I am always there for you'll. Keep strong and lets all hope that may their soul rest in peace for all who have lost their lives.

 Balakrishna to support the families of the victims of the stampede at Rajahmundry Ghat Pushkarni Godavari puskaralu prarambhamaiyyayi today. Rajahmundry in East Godavari Godavari district in a stampede at the entrance to the first puskaraghat 27 pilgrims were killed and many were injured. Prabhutvasupatrilo be offered treatment to the injured. The authorities have carried out the rescue operation. MLA hindupuram the incident, actor Balakrishna was a huge shock. Pushkarni several measures have been taken by the government at the time of the commission of such an incident is sad. Represent my sympathy to the families of the dead pragada. I have never sahakaralu help their families. The government adukuntundi their families. Devotees also take care to be safe as well as puskarallo. Devotees police, authorities collaborate. My fan also sought the cooperation of the puskarallo Balakrishna said that the devotees to take part in service activities.

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