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Friend Request in Post Production Works

 Friend Request in Post Production works ,Friend Request movie details

 Post-production 'Friend Request' Modern film produced and directed by Aditya Om vijayvarma pakalapati of self-management Telugu, Hindi languages ​​entertainer ekakanlo horror movie 'friend request'. The film is slated for shooting and post production work. Speaking on the occasion, director Aditya Om 'is a new experience for the audience to watch it. Audience covered by the horror films of different elements in this film is much more of a thrill. Youth, are appealing to many factors, as well as a special attraction. Annividhaluga, all kinds terakekkincadam this picture was to ask the audience, "he said. Pakalapati vijayvarma construction managers said, 'This is the film's post-production work. Editing is complete. Dubbing will start this week. Also diai Annapurna Studios is the workshop. Quality without Compromise nowhere in terms of post-production work on the film are good Standards. Complete nelakharukalla post-production work in August and are planning to release the film in September, '' he said. Aditya Om Prakash, Sudarshan, Rohit, Nitesh, Manisha Kelkar, ricasoni, Sagarika cetri, Sheetal Singh, Saidu Zool, timsi Gautam playing music: lavan, viral, camera: Siddhartha, Editing: Prakash, the construction management: vijayvarma pakalapati, story, screenplay and direction: Aditya Om.

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