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Devuditho Poratam Audio Launch

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 Srinivas Gopal abotula Creations banner leading the band in the direction of the band's upcoming film producer abotula Anuradha 'struggle with God'. The Chitra was philinchambarlo audio innovation in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Sivasaktidatta audio CD was released by the chief guest during the event. Atreyu music Chitra audio released into the market. The ...  Sivasakti Dutta said, '' srinivasgariki like a lot of movies. He is the fourth film. Adaristarane is believed to be, '' he said.  Biviramanareddi said, '' the director of the film to the Srinivas has the most passion. How many problems did not stop the film. It is a good concept for this film. Unit, all the best, "he said.  Kodali Venkateswara Rao said, '' when the industry will come pyasantone. This image was created tanai srinivasgaru the passion to do everything. The film was a big success and the name of the unit to get better, '' he said.  Sivajiraja said: "Like a lot of short movies. So our fifth protsahistuntam as possible. The film's huge success in the short film, to be released. The name should be a good unit, '' he said.  Atreyu music director, said: "This is the sentiment of the film. Srinivasgaru to create a good story, but the film had good music. The film will be watched to be sure, '' he said.  Anuradha abotula producer said, '' is the fourth film in our banner. The cast, the film was planned with the cooperation of teknisiyans have been successfully completed. The film was well. '' He said.  Abotula director Srinivas' brother, sister is the sentiment of the story. Jealous of a brother-sister lives with Jesus who wants to do the same when it comes to the roundabout cesadanede the Chitra Katha celliki life. Atreyagaru good music. You can also clean the sensor film was completed, and was certified. We're planning to release soon. Support of the actors, teknisiyanski Thanksgiving, "he said.


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