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Bale Bale Magadivoy Shooting Completed

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  Shooting completion '  Bale Bale Magadivoy '  Aravind presentation, GA2 (A Division of GeethaArts) UV Creations on banyar No. joint production. 1 as the generating of Family and Love entertainer "FİRAS magadivoy". Nani, playing opposite Lavanya Tripathi. Company director. Bannivasu producer. A song was shot in beautiful locations of Goa recently. Another song citrikarincatanto Total shooting in Hyderabad purtayindii samakurcaruadiyoni agastu the first week of the release of the songs and dance master, Shekhar agastulone producers are planning to release the film.  The Nani said: " Bale Bale Magadivoy special film in my career. This kind of character is not far.'s Performance in the role of a good scope. Naccatanto director of the company told the story, rather than immediately cestunnamitivale ekadhatiga shooting in Goa, Hyderabad and the painting of the two songs in the film kaplitayyindi . Director of the Master of my body language was designed to accommodate. the less time the film was completed. Lavanya Tripathi had the character very well. Our chemistry was both. Murali Sharma impressed Surprising Role for everyone. Aravind's presentation, GA2 (A Division of GeethaArts) on banyar UV Creations banner bannivasu the producer of the film is to make the most hyapiga. Somewhere in the ayipoyandi shooting without any distabens. Be sure to go to dhiyotars look at the picture of the family. "he said.  Director of the company said: "The new film is  Bale Bale Magadivoy compared to regular movies. Each full point shot a lot of care. Nani, the scenes in the middle of Eraser, Nani, Naresh, Vennela Kishore His performance in the middle of the audience laugh the scenes. The song was recently shot in Goa. Hyderabad Song title of the song is set in citrikarincam, Director, Master of the two songs have been koriyographi. gopisundar good music. The film will highlight the songs. The camera is pretty Nijjar saphi of each frame is shown. In particular Nani, the most beautifully shown Eraser., as well as art work Ramana Everyone has worked very well with my teknisiyans vanka. Coming full release and all programs and are planning to release the film in Auguste. "he said  Speaking on the occasion, the producer bannivasu "rather than ekkada is being compromised. Ceppakkarledu specifically about the company's talent. Kottajonar terakekkistunnaru in the picture. Grandiyar with out-and-out commercial values ​​as a shot. Goa, in superb locations, where to shoot the songs in a set cesamdinto Chitra shooting is complete.  Bale Bale Magadivoy audio will be soon. gopisundar audio in this year stands as one of the best audio. The film is also the family as a whole navvukune. All programs are planned to be released in full agastu. " .he Said. Cast .. Nani, Lavanya Tripathi, Murali Sharma,  Naresh, Dulcimer, Swapna Madhuri, Srinivasa Reddy,  Kishore moonlight, Praveen, Shakalaka Shankar, Badram and others ..  Executive prodyusar: eskeen, Piaro: Eluru Seenu, Editor: Uddhav, Art: Ramana vanka, Photographi: Nijjar saphi, Music: Gopi Sundar, Producer: bannivasu Writing, directing: Maruti

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