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Balakrishna Met His Senior citizen fan

 Balakrishna Made her happy

 She is overjoyed to have seen the recent ..   It gopalampalli in Hyderabad. Manjira the families living in apartments in a family today (28.07.), The festival said. NTR is apparently anandapadataniki Balakrishna natasinham. Near the recent 'dictator' is shooting. Some of the scenes depicted srivas director. To stop the shooting, it was a matter of balayyako busy busy. A 90-year-old recent'd like to see elderly. That's the thing. But, this is not driven by the elderly. How, then, looking at the recent ..? .. Himself .. balayye not give her daggarikelite? Balakrishna have been the same. In that regard come. Vijayawada kasturibay petaku Lawyer's success. After retiring, and Hyderabad, gopalampalliloni manjira staying in the apartment with his little daughter untunnarame. Vijayaku beggars, who is himself a fan of the bullet near his apartment, doing the thing that the recent shooting. Also watch. Tisukellamani asked the family members to the shooting spot anyway. But, this is the recent realization that to himself. Interacted with her. .Inquiring Welfare information. She also asked about the recent family, "pellayyinda your children? ' He asked. She also said that the recent about children. NTR's 'lavakusa' saw, the great actor balayyaku she said. Also, 'sriramarajyam' saw the movie, said her recent performance. It was also discussed in the recent success of the politics. Like the recent coming into their home, while the success of living, enjoyed her family members. Datij recent ...

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