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B.A. Pass Trailer Launch

 B.A. Pass Trailer Launch ba-pass-trailer-launch

 Biepas launch trailer "The Railway Aunty" in Hindi and made film based on the famous novel, "biepas". Prasansalatopatu Dandy won gains that are critical in the Hindi film of the same name in Telugu audience emaccibabu offered the young producer. "Minimum guarantee Movies" banner, he is producing the film. Shilpa Shukla-sadab by Kamal mukhyapatradaruluga promotional images for the film Wednesday, chesaru released at Prasad Labs. Sikalyan the leading producers of this program, prasannakumar, malkapuram Sivakumar, tummalapalli ramasatyanarayana, bekkem Venugopal, gottimukkala Padma Rao, viespitenneti, Chitra producer involved emaccibabu. Posters, trailers .. good to see the content of the film is very bold, though. Despite many competitors in this picture .. translate English dubbing rights of the film cejikkincukonnam. Anuvadincam this picture somewhere kvalitiparanga being compromised. Message to Youth provides good entertainment as well as a fine film. To be sure the audience is expected to provide good success with our film producer emaccibabu Chitra said. Biepas given the opportunity to write the words of my adrustam the film. Accibabuku producer of the good taste without being compromised because somewhere in this picture, the film dubbed in Telugu straight film that audiences have seen what this movie is going to be provided by the popular novelist viespitenneti. Accibabu growth as a producer of "biepas" film set a foundation, to build a leading producer of more pictures soon he asissulandincaru sikalyan. Yet this event atidhulandaru "biepas" emaccibabu good name as a producer of the film was a major success .. wanted to earn profits.   Shilpa Shukla, sadab Kamal, Rajesh Sharma, divyendu Bhattacharya and others played an important role in the film, said: viespitenneti, management: dinarayana, offering: sampatkumar, directed by: Ajay Ball, producer: emaccibabu !!

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