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Scam in Telugu Artist Association Details

 Telugu Artist Association Scam

  Telugu Artist Union have seen the light of scandal  Almost two decades ago, 942 union members caused by the Telugu artist. They vinodyadav president, secretary vellanki Srinivas, cashier vijaykumarlu pursuing their activities. However, three Chechen artist who came up with forays to yuniyanni. Telugu Andhra Bank account in the name of the Artist Union of Rs 7 lakh 35 thousand as of the date bayatapadiradi Swaha. The subject of the meeting was leaked on June 20, has been removed from the executive members of the Union in order to put together.  V Adak committee.  chinna SrisailamYadav V Adak committee subsequently Telugu Artist Union. chinna Srisailam Yadav, president of the virareddilato, in addition to the 10 members of the new executive board was elected. Adak in the chinnaSrisailam Yadav was elected as the Chairman of the Committee ... "ennukunnanduku me thank the Chairman of the Committee. In addition to the elected members of the executive as well as the president of the virareddito Telugu Artist Union no longer together, take care to prevent any irregularities. The latest scandal came to light in the darkness jarapanunnamu inquiry .., "he said.

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