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Sahasam seyara Dimbhaka trailer Launched

 Sahasam Seyara Dimbhaka movie stills

  "Sahasam Cheyara Dimbaka '  Hyderabad: Sri, Hamida, directed by Kiran hansavahini Talkies banner emesreddi equilibrium Tirumalasetti cast film "Sahasam Cheyara Dimbaka '. Filming has been completed. The audio will be released soon. Today, the Chitra trailer discovery program in Hyderabad, Prasad Preview Theatre. SV krsnareddi, accireddi, visamudra, DS Rao, Bellamkonda Suresh Chitra along with the band members and others attended the event.  SV krsnareddi, accireddilu hansavahini unveiled Talkies banner. Visamudra, DS Rao unveiled the first look of the movie. Bellamkonda Suresh dhiyetrikal trailer has been released. After  SV krsnareddi said .. "the passion of the audience is changing day by day. New applications comedy, the film will be attached. Startle Chitramidhi love to laugh, Ganga much successful. Kiran worked very hard for this film. Experiment. The producer is the picture without compromise. Win Sri looking for experimenting., all of whom would like to receive the film a big success, "he said.  Speaking accireddi .. "good title. The trailer looks good. The new production company hansavahini Chitra Talkies banner, the team had to give it to the audience would like to choose. The film won. Team all the best for everyone," he said.  Speaking to the sea .. "Sri, Kiran, MS Reddy, Shri Vasant All my good friends who work in the film. Shooting If after the completion of some of Corrections should have been shooting again. I saw the film. One hundred percent of the rupee against the reality of the film. Kiran had been assistant director at Maruti I know of. The picture based as well. He would like to bring to prominence. Vasant good music, background music, "he said.  Bellamkonda Suresh said .. "The new producer Kiran toliprayatnanga taken our company from this great Sahasam Cheyara Dimbaka, Treasure, along the lines of the Ganga to achieve success. The name of the filmmakers, to get money," he said.  Producer MS Reddy .. "technicians have been working on the small photos. Kiran in Talent, CSI knows me. He had a chance to listen the story. It took up a good image. The new directors of Care addresses represent our organization become," he said.  The director said Kiran .. ", he was the producer of the title to listen to the story told. That did not try. 200% wins," he said.  Sri said .. "I entered the industry during the Kiran cause. Each story tells me. This story're always insisted that direction. The image at the beginning of the adventure will be decided by 'Sahasam Cheyara Dimbakathat have been the title. Hamida, have done a good equilibrium. Year and a half after the film is playing. paka wins, "he said.

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